Is a turbo charger or supercharger better?

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It really depends on alot of things...

1. what vehicle, make/model/year you are looking to "boost"
2. how much you want to spend and who is installing it.
3. how much power you want ,what type of power your looking for. ( where it occurs)

1 & 2. Alot of vehicles, either only have turbo kits avail. or only supercharger kits. If it came with a turbo from the factory/ or had a turbo model avail. That would the cheapest/easiest way to go. Alot of "popular models" have both avail.( examples: mustangs, 350Z, corvette etc.) Custom "one off kits will get too expensive fast". Centrifugal supercharger kits are "usually" cheaper and easier to install ).
3. Everyone always wants "alot", If the vehicle is stock, adding 6-8psi is usually safe. Screw/roots superchargers are #1 if you love the install throttle response or low end torque. They are more eff. at low boost levels usually <12psi, whipples are rated up to 30psi but eff. will drop usually down to 60%. Hood clearance can be a problem with this type. They will drop fuel economy more than the other, but not too bad if it has the bypass valve is installed( it let the air bypass the roots during cruising.)
Centrifugal superchargers are cheaper, more eff. / easier to package than roots/screw chargers. The downside is that they have a linear boost. (I.E. 1 psi at 2000-2500rpms, 3psi at 4000rpms, 6psi at 6000rpm ) The other is belt durability/slipage. This can be partially fixed by using a BOV and overdrive it( use a 14psi pulley, and let the BOV limit the high end pressure back to the 6-8psi)
Turboes setup for a non turbo car, is usually the most expensing, but the most versitile, with options like boost per gear program, adjustable wate gates, the availability of using multiple turboes, plus there are about 20times more turbo sizes avail. than superchargers to more fit your needs. Getting used turboes from factory turbo cars from the junkyard can save you alot of money. Turbo kits can be made to give low rpm boost/torque, but they will limit topend power because of the size of the turbo/turboes. You need to choose where you want the power, If you want 20psi/high HP don't expect 20psi at 2000rpms. With todays turboes, full boost by 2500-3000psi is can be expected for street kits (6-12psi). Cruising at 1200rpm in high gear, you will get turbo lag, but throttle response at/above say 3000rpms, the response will be there.
The real deciding point is low end torque and the sound. Some people love/hate turbo whistle or supercharger whine.
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Turbo charger or supercharger for an '85 Z28 Iroc-Z Camaro?

Answer . Supercharger. Instant throttle response, less heat under hood, probably better reliability. Be sure to buy one with an intercooler, since pressurizing the air heats it up, and you want the coldest air possible into the intake. And remember--there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.. An (MORE)

What is better for a Mitsubishi eclipse 420a a turbo or a supercharger?

First thing is: You don't want to add either of them to A stock motor that did not come with it. The compression will be too high. All motors that have those items from the factory are lower comp. than non-boosted motors. . As far as which is better, Its A jusgement call and your decision based on (MORE)

Is it better to Turbo or Supercharge a 92 camaro rs?

its all in how much you're willing to pay. superchargers are safer and only require the blower apparatus without any reinforced parts, but they use power from the engine, so there is a limit as to how much power you can gain (blowers are driven from the belt or crankshaft and are powered by the engi (MORE)

Is there a turbo supercharge for dodge stratus coupe?

There is no turbo kit made for the stratus coupe. But there is a supercharger kit made by ripp mods. The difference is a turbo runs off exhaust gas and a supercharger is beltdriven. The engine in the coupe is a 6g72. The same engine comes in a twin turbo charged Mitsubishi 3000gt.

How do turbo chargers work?

Exhaust gases from engine spin the blades which in turn drive a turbine in the inlet manifold that forces air into a engine.

Can you illustrate the components of a turbo charger?

I cant illustrate it here but it is pretty simple. Exhaust gas is used to propel an impeller fan located in turbo on the exhaust side, the impeller thereby is connected to a shaft that extends from the exhaust side to the intake side of the turbo. The blades on the intake side are call the compres (MORE)

Can you put a turbo on a supercharged car?

Yes. The best way to do it is to feed the air coming off the turbo into the intake of the supercharger. Then off the supercharger into the intake. You can have one or more intecoolers. This setup is called Twincharged

Can you have a twin turbo and a supercharger in a car?

Volkswagon offered a Golf GT in Europe that was known as a twincharger. It featured a centrifugal supercharger designed for low-end torque and a turbocharger. The supercharger provided extra torque for low RPM performance and the turbo activated at higher RPMs. It was supposedly capable of running 1 (MORE)

Witch is cheaper a turbo charger or a supercharger?

Depends on how much you can fabricate yourself, and how cheap the turbocharger is. On a budget using used parts, a turbo setup can be cheaper. but for a bolt on kit, the supercharger is the cheapest. A good turbo setup is the most expensive.

Can you put a turbo and a supercharger in an 87' Firebird?

no, Turbos and SC's are an either or thing... not compatible with each other, well not convetionally... I'm sure there isa custom way to do it if your stubborn enough to put alot of money into it but even if you could it wouldn't do any exponential increase in HP.

Can you mount both a turbo and a supercharger?

Yes, There's even some with a supercharger and twin turbos. A "supercharger" is anything the increases the airflow into an engine above atmospheric, there for a turbo and a blower are both types of "superchargers". There are many applications of both turbo's and Blowers on the same engine and an (MORE)

Can you supercharge and turbo a car?

Yes - the concept is called twincharging, and is currently in use by VW on their 1.4l TSI engine in the Golf. Other tuners have accomplished the same feat, although they do not have the research budget that VAG does.

Which is better supercharger or turbo charger?

Like many things this is very difficult to answer without knowing what the intended application would be. Here are some characteristics, good and bad.. There are 2 types of supercharger- centrifugal (paxton,vortech, procharger)and Positive displacement/Screw supercharger(whipple, eaton, kennebell (MORE)

Is turbo faster than supercharger?

It depends on model, a tiny t25 turbo isn't going to push enough air as say a 6 lobe 2.3L supercharger of the ls9 in the ZR1 corvette.

What is the difference between turbo and supercharger?

The turbo uses exhaust gas the spin up the turbine in order to compress more air into the combustion chamber for more power while the supercharger uses serpentine belt driven from the crankshaft to spin up the turbine.

Is a twin turbo better than a supercharger?

Twin turbos- more power more flexability easier to upgrade, change boost levels can get controllers to control boost by gear to maximizeet/traction but.. more complex to install, more expensive.

How turbo turbo charger function?

A turbo charger uses spent exhaust from the engine to spin a compressor wheel. This wheel spins a "fan" in the front of the turbo housing and sucks in and compresses more oxygen. Because more oxygen is being forced into the engine, more power is produced.

What is the difference between a twin turbo and a supercharger?

The term "twin" on twin turbo simply means there are two turbos on the engine. Both turbos and superchargers compress air into the intake manifold of the engine. A supercharger uses a belt connected to the engine to turn the compressor. A turbo uses exhaust pressure (which would otherwise be w (MORE)

Which is best supercharger or turbo?

That depends on what you are wanting. A turbo is more efficient but has a delay (lag) on accel. A supercharger does not have any delay, but is not as efficient.

Can you have a twin turbo and twin superchargers in a car?

Both twin turbo AND Twin superchargered, you could..but it would be a complicated installation. Also it would be a very expensive to do, and not worth it...horsepower wise. Volkswagen did have a car with both a supercharger and a turbo. The real reason to run twin - anything... Is that there isn't (MORE)

Can you put a turbo in a v8 supercharged engine?

Adding a turbo to a v8 that already has a supercharger, isn't worthit/cost effective. If you are removing the supercharger andconverting it to turbocharged then yes. The engine is built for theload/power and is the best candidate for turbocharging.

What would it be better for a 5.0 mustang a supercharger or a turbo?

It is a person preference question, what do you want from thesystem? I would recommend if you want... low end torque/ throttle response- Kenne bell/whipple screwsupercharger A daily driver that you want close to stock cruising/part throttlecharacteristics, but more power when you need it - go turbo. (MORE)

What is better to put in a rx-8 twin turbos or a supercharger?

Theoreticaly, the twin turbos would be the most efficient power adding devices. However, due to the fact thqat no twin turbo kit exists for the car, and the non peripheal exhausts like the ones on an rx7, you would have to custome design a set-7p yourself wich would be very difficult and alarming ex (MORE)

What is pulse turbo charger?

Pulse turbocharger uses pressure pulse wave to expand the gas further at turbine nozzles and blades. Exhaust gases from each cylinder is is directly lead to turbine inlet.

Is a turbo charger or supercharger better for diesel engines?

Most diesel engines are turbo charged, not a lot of diesels aresupercharged. A turbo diesels engine will also have a intercoolerwhich will give it added HP. - - - - - The only supercharged diesels I know of are two-stroke DetroitDiesels like the Series 53, the Series 71 (aka the Yachtsman'sFriend) (MORE)

Can a turbo charger ruin a transmission?

Yes and no, depends on the circumstances. If the turbo charger boosts the engine output past what the transmission was designed to withstand it can cause failure. Every manufacturer knows what their transmissions can hold and usually publishes the ratings. If the vehicle came from the facto (MORE)

How do you determine the turbo charger is defective?

Visually check for shaft play, most manufacturer's sites have a spec. to check against. other than that... Check for damaged blades from debris. If all ok, the problem is elsewhere... exhaust leak, faulty wastegate, wrong turbine a/r, etc.

What would be better for a 350z a turbo or a supercharger?

Because of the advancements in turbo technology, A turbo system iswhat I would recommend. It is more flexible, easier to upgradelater and more efficient than a supercharger. Depending on how bigyou go, it could give you better low/mid range torque for a widerpowerband.

Which is better turbo engine or supercharge engine?

They both can make insane amounts of power, but I would say turbo because... 1. The boost on turbo systems can easily be adjusted 2. There are way more sizes avail. to best match the motor 3. Are more economical MPG due to the fact they are load based and don't cause a parasitic load on the motor wh (MORE)

Can you run a turbo and a supercharger on the same engine?

Yes it is possible to run a supercharger and turbo on the same engine but the process is very complicated and is very inefficient. As turbos annd superchargers create heat while they work so when you use both, the air going into will become very hot unless you use a very large intercooler. They do c (MORE)

What is the turbo charger?

A turbocharger is merely a supercharger ( an air pump on the intake manifold) to ram in the fuel air mixture at a higher quantity than normal) -that is driven by an exhaust gas turbine. they are used on automobiles, trucks, and aircraft, they have a definites ascending and descending whine when in a (MORE)

Is a turbo charger or super charger better for Chevy 04 6.0?

we have had unbelievable results with the pro-charger s/charger kit with intercooler. depending how much boost you want decides if injectors need replacing different kit yield amazing power. the s/c kit is much easier and less problems with heat and detonation,it also uses self contained oil supply. (MORE)

Is a supercharger or a turbo charger better?

Turbo charger is betterIt depends on the application. A supercharger provides quicker boost from a stop, but it also takes engine power to turn it. A turbocharger has a delay from a stop, but does not rob power from the engine.

What is automotive performance is it putting in turbos and superchargers?

Automotive performance, that's just about how well the car is doing. Like "temperature ", "performance" by itself is neither good or bad. But usually when people speak about performance it's taken for granted that it is about INCREASING performance. And yeah, adding a turbo or a supercharger are way (MORE)