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A virus is non living as according to the modified Cell Theory, cells are defined as the basic building blocks of life, while viruses are not made up of cells. In fact, a virus is nothing more than a protein capsid encapsulating genetic material (either DNA or RNA), hence a virus would more correctly be termed as an infectious particle.
Viruses are non-living.
Virus are living object because:
They possess genetic material DNAs or RNAs. They can reproduce and mutate. They react to stimuli such as radiation, chemicals and heat. They possess antigenic properties. They are capable to multiply with same genetic constituent.

Virus are non-living because:
They can be crystalize like non living material. They are inert like chemical outside the host. Cell wall and cell membranes are absent. Protoplasm is also absent. They do not have any functional anatomy. They can not multiply without host nuclear machinsery.

However, in order to be qualified to be a living organism, it must be able to show all of the characteristics of life, therefore viruses are not living.
Viruses are not considered non living because alone they cannot replicate, they need a host (another living cell) to replicate. They do not have cells. Biologically speaking they are non-living things.
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Why is a virus not living?

it has no metabolism of its own. it must take over the metabolism of a living cell.

Why are virus non-living?

viruses are those living organisms which live inside the host cell and reproduce but its free means outside the cell they cannot respire ,reproduce etc thats why we considered

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They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dog's coat. They are hijackers. Once they get attached to the cell of a living cell, they can take it over an

Why the virus non living?

A virus does not fulfill all requirements for life, eg. no  reproduction through meiosis or mitosis

Is virus a living or a non-living thing?

A virus is a living organism A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a microscopic organism consisting of genetic material (RNA or DNA) surrounded by a prot

Why is virus living?

viruses are knows as connecting link between living and non-living as they only show one characterstics of living beings i.e. of reproduction and that is also when they infect

Is a virus non living things?

NO. viruses do not belong to a kingdom of living things. Just because a virus seems alive doesn't mean it is alive. After all, it's not even a single-celled organism.

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I am assuming that you are asking how a virus lives in the body. A virus is NOT a live organism. It is able to penetrate the host's cells and duplicate the RNA/DNA within thos

Is a virus alive or non-living?

Viruses kind of mess up the sharp dividing line between "alive" and "not alive". Arguments can be made either way. Most scientists consider them not truly alive.

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Viruses are not an organism at all. They are not alive. They are nonliving. They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dog's coat. They are hijackers. O

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Viruses are not an organism at all. They are not alive. They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dog's coat. They are hijackers . Once they get attac