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Is absence of cough in primary complex possible?

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Yes it is possible.
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Can a child taking medication for primary complex still take a cough medicine?

Always check with your doctor or pharmacist to determine the potential for drug interactions with other prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs and foods. Some common drugs

Is it possible to have motion in absence of force?

Not according to Newtons Law: Forces = Mass X Acceleration However, in a vacuum, after you used your force on an object and it now has motion, the object will have motion

Is it possible to have a developed country if there is the absence of family?

Family in the literal sense, yes. Family in the extended sense, no. Man is a social animal (if you go for the whole evolutionary animal thing), and does not develop well witho

Is it possible to cough while you are sleeping?

Yes. In fact, the body will cough and even sneeze and you won't wake up. It is the body's way of ridding itself of material in the lungs.

Is it possible to cough up a lung?

YES this happened to my roommate last weekend and it was really really scary. what happens is it won't fit up your esophagus but he started choking and when we went to the hos

What are the possible accidents in the absence of a fuse?

A short circuit could destroy the non-fused device and possibly cause an arc-flash explosion killing someone nearby.. Short circuit energies can be very high and exceed the e

Is it possible to have pertussis without cough?

The early stage of pertussis (the catarrhal stage) is characterised by a fever, achiness and runny nose. People will usually but not always have a cough. The later stages (