Is actor Raymond Burr married?

Raymond Burr died several years ago and he had a long term male companion.
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Who was Aaron Burr?

Aaron Burr, Jr. (6 February 1756 - 14  September 1836) was an American politician, Revolutionary War hero  and adventurer. He served as the third Vice President of the Unite (MORE)

What is burr mixing?

  I was wondering the same thing, so I did a bit of googling and here's what I found: The Burr Mixer: The Burr Mixer is the industrial version of those small hand-held "s (MORE)
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What is burr haircut?

a burr haircut is a haircut where th hair is cut with a #1.5 blade. the hair is typically one eigth of an inch in length or shorter. it is similar to the military induction cu (MORE)

Does Raymond Burr have a leg disability?

reportedly at age 15, he was bitten in the leg by a rattlesnake. this caused a lifelong problem with the leg were it was twisted inwards compared to the other leg causing him (MORE)
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Who is Emerson burr?

Emerson Burr was "The Pony Man". He managed the Fairfield County Hunt Club for 50+ years and was famous for matching ponies to their riders.
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Who was Raymond Burr?

Raymond Burr was an actor best known as the lead in the long-running TV series' "Perry Mason" and "A man called Ironside." He was married briefly, reportedly with a son. He di (MORE)

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