Is ain't a contraction?

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Yes, ain't is a contraction. It is not generally considered to be good English.
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What does ain't mean?

It is a slang term for 'is not' 'am not' 'are not'. . Like, I ain't going to work today.(I am not going to work today).You ain't a good boy(You are not a good boy).

What is the meaning of ain't?

Ain't is a improper contraction for Am is not, and is not, are isnot, have is not, had is not, and has is not.

What two words make up the contraction ain't?

Well, that's the problem with ain't , it's not a contraction of anything specific. That's why is still slang, or as some dictionaries say, informal. It's used as a substitute

Who said 'Be who you is - if you is who you ain't you ain't who you is'?

The quote has been attributed to painter (and career coach) Ian Summers, but may not have originated with him. According to writer/filmaker Phil Cousineau, it is the epitaph o

Is ain't supposed to written as ain't?

It is not a proper word, but traditionally when it is used, it is a contraction for am not. Contractions use an apostrophe. Example: I am not going into that dark cave.

Is ain't an adjective?

No. The informal contraction "ain't" means "is not" or "are not."The proper contraction forms are isn't and aren't.