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Is albert alpo martinez still in prison?

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He is out and lives in south carolina under witness protection
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Where is alberto alpo martinez?

where is alberto martinez bka aplo from Harlem New York what is a address so i can write him

Is alberto alpo martinez dead?

No, he is not. I don't know where he is but their are a lot ofrumors going around. One is that he is currently still in prison,serving out a life sentence and will never be re

When does Alpo Martinez get out?

From everything I have read about the case, he is ether out ofprison in witness protection somewhere in the U.S or he gets out ofprison in 2019.

How old is alberto alpo martinez?

Alberto Alpo Martinez was born on June 8, 1966.
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What prison is alpo martinez located?

He's out of prison. That's my uncle, and he's not in south Carolina..whoever that guy is who said it smh. He's been out since 2004-2005. Don't remember the exact date

Where is Alpo Martinez now?

Alpo has been spotted numerous times walking in and out of a prestigious clothing store located on 125th street. He is said to look the same, just broader shoulders and more h