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Is an IQ test of 103 out of 43 questions normal for a 17-year-old?

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well ia am a 13yr old and my IQ is 115 out of 43 questions!!
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Is it normal to be a 17-year-old female with an IQ of 113?

17-Year-Old IQ   It is very normal. Don't worry about being different.     Answer   113 is actually "high-average". To give you some idea what that means in th

IQ test questions?

IQ test questions are used to determine ones IQ. Many are growing  or trick questions as some ones IQ does not change so the test is  not based on memorization of facts.

Your 8 year old grandson's IQ is 103. Is that high?

  Not noticeably. IQ is a rating which compares a person's intelligence against the average for their age (or maybe their ethnic type, or gender, or background etc....)

Is 103 a good IQ score for a 11-year-old?

100 is average for everybody. Anyone within 10 points of that is considered normal. It's like a percentage. You have just about normal intelligence.

Is a IQ of 103 good for a 15 year old?

I think my IQ of 103 is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IQ is not dependent on age. Anything over 100 is considered good, 132 (Standford Benet) is Mensa good. However IQ of

What is a normal IQ for a 13-year-old?

  Answer   There is no normal IQ and it's generally believed that IQ tests are a poor way to measure intelligence due to cultural biases and other factors. A genera

How many questions does an IQ test have?

It will depend on how accurate the final answer is. More questions  will provide a more accurat answer.

How many questions on IQ test?

100 on the most common, but could be any no.

How old do you have to be to take a IQ test?

It depends what type of test you mean. For instance, to take a Mensa test, you have to be over ten-and-a-half to take the main test. Also, if you are under 16, you must be acc

What types of questions are asked on IQ tests?

There are many different types of questions asked on an IQ test.  Some of these types include math, verbal analogies, patterns,  classification, visual, spatial, and logical

What is the normal IQ for a 4 year old?

Given that IQ is considered an inherent quality that maintains the same throughout a persons lifetime, the average IQ for a four-year old is going to be the same as it is for