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Is an IQ test of 103 out of 43 questions normal for a 17-year-old?

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well ia am a 13yr old and my IQ is 115 out of 43 questions!!
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IQ test questions?

IQ test questions are used to determine ones IQ. Many are growingor trick questions as some ones IQ does not change so the test isnot based on memorization of facts.

What type of questions are on the WASI verbal IQ test for a 8 year old?

Anyone that is qualified to administer this IQ. test is not allowed to divulge that information to the general public. But rest assured, if your child has average intelligence

How many questions does an IQ test have?

It will depend on how accurate the final answer is. More questionswill provide a more accurat answer.

Is 103 bad on an IQ test if you are 11 years old?

Definitely not. When that test was made up, 100 was supposed to mean exactly average for your age . A lot of people have a lot of doubts and questions about the whole idea

How many questions on IQ test?

100 on the most common, but could be any no.

On an IQ test if you missed one out of ten questions what is your IQ?

First, an IQ test of only ten questions is not going to be very accurate. One out of ten would be the 90th percentile. Which would be somewhere around 125.
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