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What is a butt?

A butt can mean the pair of muscles called the gluteus maximuson your behind. They are the largest muscles on your body. They aresometimes quite large, and others, visibly non

What is a butte?

  A Butte is an isolated hill rising abruptly above the surrounding land.   An isolated hill with steep sides and a small, usually horizontal, flat top!

What is the butt?

The buttocks is the area of the body you sit on and where excrementis expelled.

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Why do you have a butt?

The posterior padding of humans (gluteus maximus) is the upper extension of the thigh muscles where the pelvis connects to the spine. In man, these muscles have to be large to

What is a butt for?

It all depends on how you are using the word, "butt". Verb (of a person or animal) Hit (someone or something) with the head or horns: "she butted him in the chest". Adjoin o

What are buttes?

It is an isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top.

Where is a butt?

It depends on what you mean. The word butt can mean "end," like the end of a cigarette, or the back end of a gun. Butt is also short for buttocks, the large folds of fat and m

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What is buttes?

Buttes are a landform located in the Dessert which are small mounds  of rocks that carved sharp by wind erosion

Why do you have butts?

One function is to house the anus which gets rid of waste. Also it is the largest muscle set in our bodies. We can move as well as we do, in part, because of it.

Why do we have butts?

That is a very interesting question. Butts are very important to the human race. Without butts, humans would have no way to dispose of unnecessary waste. Butts are very, very

What can you do to get a butt?

well you can only make it look bigger but you can wear tight jeans on top but loose on bottom and cover half the butt with your shirt. you can also wear bandaid skirts if you
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What is in your butt?

Just before a person has to have a bowel movement, feces (stool)moves down into the rectum. As it pushes on the sphinter, werecognize we 'need to go'. After a bowel movement,

What is in a butt?

That will depend how you define or use the word "butt". . A cigarette butt will contain a number of noxious chemicalsfrom the tobacco. There have been a number of instances