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Alzheimer's disease is the example of degenerative nerve disease.
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What are some examples of degenerative diseases?

Degenerative diseases are those that cause a deterioration over time in some part of the body, such as tissues or organs. Some examples of those are Alzheimer's disease, Parki

Give the different diseases of the nervous system?

There are many more than five. Here is a list of the most common: Peripheral Neuropathy Parkinson's Disease Dementia Encephalitis Multiple Sclerosis Tumors Brain

What is an example of integration by the nervous system?

Example: when you step on a nail, your body perceives a stimulus (change in external or internal environment) receptor is the specific thing identifying stimulus, in this case

Name 3 diseases of the nervous system?

Three Diseases of the nerve system would be Alzheimer Disease, Broca Aphasia and Cerebello-Olivary Degeneration of Holmes. Hope it helpsss.

What diseases affect the nervous system?

Alzheimer's Disease is a degenerative brain disease. It  ultimately results in loss of brain function. Victims may have a  short attention span, memory problems, and a chang

How does wilsons disease affect the nervous system?

  Answer   Wilson disease is also called hepatolenticular degeneration, referring to its effects on the liver ("hepato-") and lenticular nucleus (part of the basal g

What are examples of the nervous system?

Some examples of the Nervous System is the brain and all the nerves in your body. The nerves let you know what your touching. For example, if you touch something hot your nerv

How does parkinson's disease affect the nervous system?

Parkinson's disease is a disease in which, you have a disorder in your brain characterized by shaking, and difficulty. You get this by having deteriorated nerve cells, which m