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Is an interpreter the same as a translator?

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Translating is written; interpreting is oral. A translator has time to search for the appropriate word or phrase; an interpreter needs the ability to 'keep going' even after making a slip. Both need a good knowledge of the relevant languages. Beyond that, personality is most important for an interpreter. A perfectionist doesn't usually make a good interpreter.
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What do you need to be a interpreter?

You will need to take English all through High School with a mark no less then 80% to get into College. Then you will have to apply to a College that has an Interpreter progra

What is translate?

trans·lat·ed, trans·lat·ing, trans·lates   v.tr.1. To render in another language. 2.a. To put into simpler terms; explain or interpret. b. To express in different word

What is a interpreter?

An interpreter is a computer program that executes the instructions written in a high level programming language. It can also preform the translation of a high level language

Describe an incident where two people interpreted the same message differently?

A person was asked to do something. She replied "What are you asking for?" as she did not understanding what she was supposed to do. The reply was "Because that is how you

How do you spell interpretation?

That is the correct spelling of "interpretation" (a defined meaning, or translation).

What is interpretive communication?

Interpretive communication is how you interpret things such as what's on television, what you hear on the radio, or read in a magazine. It's just you by yourself, thinking abo

Who can interpret the Constitution?

Anyone can interpret the Constitution; however, the courts determine whether laws, executive orders, treaties and policies are in keeping with the principles of the Constituti

What is a interpret?

someone that stranslate one language to another one so it can be understood by a or more persons.

What is translator?

A tranlator is some one that can listen to the first speaker speak in an other language and then say what the first speaker said in a language that can be understood on behalf

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I do have more than one translator. But they  are all on my mobile phone rather than other place. There are many  specific translators to offer you translation services on T

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  The benefit of reciting the Koran is very great, the prophet  (Blessings and peace of God be upon him) said about that:     "Whoever reads the Koran, he gets ten