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Is an interpreter the same as a translator?

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Translating is written; interpreting is oral. A translator has time to search for the appropriate word or phrase; an interpreter needs the ability to 'keep going' even after making a slip. Both need a good knowledge of the relevant languages. Beyond that, personality is most important for an interpreter. A perfectionist doesn't usually make a good interpreter.
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What is a interpreter?

An interpreter is a computer program that executes the instructions written in a high level programming language. It can also preform the translation of a high level language

Is Cajun French translated the same as French?

no, its a different dialect, some of the words are different, and the accent is very different. it's basically like two different languages that are very similiar. people who

What is an interpreter?

An interpreter, or a translator, is a person who translates different languages. For an example, if a Chinese person and an American person can't understand each other, an int

What is the difference between interpreter and translator?

Well , in computer terminology an interpreter is a translator which translates a source code line by line and executes it, while a translator is a big word it may have differe

What is a interpret?

someone that stranslate one language to another one so it can be understood by a or more persons.

What is interpreting?

Actually the word is miused. Interpreting usually means to translate what someoen else is saying into a language to be understood by someone of another tongue. However, the wo

What is interpretation?

"Interpretation is a communication process, designed to reveal meanings and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage, through involvement with objects, artifacts, la