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Is Art Spiegelman dead?

Born in 1948, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and author is certainly still alive. And kicking. But he should watch out for those cigarettes!

Music and arts of east Asia?

East Asian arts, the visual arts, performing arts, and music of China, Korea (North Korea andSouth Korea), and Japan. (The literature of this region is treated in separate ar

What is the difference between art music and classical music?

Answer . Not too sure about art music, but classical music usually takes time within the classical, baroque, romantic, renaissance, and contemporary eras. All classical

Is art music church music?

Art music is any music that is not jazz, rock or pop music. It is what most people consider classical music, and includes almost all music from before the 1900s, and any orche

Why is dance music and art important?

Dance, music and art are all extremely important subjects. Think of all the famous artists, musicians, singers, dancers.... well anyone who is famous, became famous because of