Is austria Hungary the same as austria?

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First it was Hungary under Habsburg rule from the 16th century. Later, there was a Hungarian Revolution in March, 1848, and a War of Independence against the Habsburg rule in 1848-49. It was unsuccessful. The absolutism and the oppresion became even stronger. When the Habsburgs suffered some military failures and financial problems in the middle of the 19th century, in addition the threat of a strong united Germany and Italy became stronger (violiting the Habsburg dominance in Eastern Europe), they were forced to make a compromise with the Hungarians (the Magyars) in 1867. From 1867 to 1918 it was called Austria-Hungary It was a dual country with a common monarch, with common foreign, defense and finance ministers, but otherwise with separate capital citie, separate parliaments. After the First World War, in the Treaty of Versailles (1918-19)Austria-Hungary (or Austro-Hungarian Empire) dissolved.
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What was Austria-Hungary?

The transformation of the Austrian Empire into Austria-Hungary dates from the 'Ausgleich' (usually tranlated as 'Compromise') of 1867. In 1866 Austria suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of Prussia and was in effect expelled from Germany. There was a danger that the Hungarians, who had rebel (MORE)

Who did austria-Hungary go to war with?

Austria-Hungary declaired war on Serbia so Russia declaired war onAustria-Hungary; so Germany declaired war on Russia; so Francedeclaired war on Germany; and on and on …

What are Austria Hungary natural resources?

Austria and Hungary are separate countries, but I know Hungary's natural resources if that helps. Some are bauxite, coal, natural gas (Let's invade Hungary! Lower fuel prices! Haha.), fertile soils, and arable land.

Why did Austria-Hungary break up?

In the last two years or so of World War 1 there was growing dissatisfaction among the various nationalities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Most wanted to form their own nation-states or join neighbouring states.. At the end of the war, the only completely new state was Czechoslovakia. Large areas (MORE)

When did Austria-Hungary spilt?

In October 1918, as World War I was ending. Over the course of thelast few weeks of the month, various parts of the Empire broke awayto become new countries, until all that was left was "GermanAustria", which became modern Austria.

Who did Austria-Hungary blame for assassination?

Answer . It was known that the assassination was carried out by members of the Black Hand - a Serbian terrorist organization. The Austrian government believed that the terrorists were supported by the Serbian secret service.

Why was Austria-Hungary and Serbia in rivalry?

A Serbian terrorist group assassinated Austria-Hungary's Archduke Francis Ferdinad and his family. Bosnia(where Ferdinand was) was full of Serbs and other Slavs. They veiwed Austrians as foreign opressors. Gavrilo Princip shot the archduke. (he was part of the terrorist group the Black Hand)

When did Austria-Hungary become communist?

The Austro-Hungarian empire was never a communist state. Following WWI and the breakup of Austria-Hungary, Hungary briefly became the Hungarian Soviet Republic from 21 March until 6 August 1919. Hungary was also a communist country, the People's Republic of Hungary, after WWII until 1989.

When did Austria-Hungary declare independence?

The Habsburg Ruler and his advisors skillfully manipulated the Croatian, Serbian and Romanian peasantry, led by priests and officers firmly loyal to the Habsburgs, and induced them to rebel against the Hungarian government. The Hungarians were supported by the vast majority of the Slovak, German and (MORE)

Was Austria Hungary the blame for ww1?

Personally I do not agree that Austria-Hungary were to blame for WWI. This is because on the 8th December 1912 an Imperial War Council was held between Kaiser Wilhelm II, Army General Von Moltke and Naval Admiral Von Tirpitz, all Germans. At this conference the Kaiser decided that, instead of immedi (MORE)

What nations were carved out of Austria-Hungary?

It's not so much that they were "carved out" of Austria-Hungary-these countries simply broke away as World War I was ending and theAustrian government was unable to stop them. Here's the list: 1. Hungary 2. Czechoslovakia (which is now split into Slovakia and CzechRepublic). 3. Kingdom of Slovenes, (MORE)

Where is Austria-Hungary?

It was in the middle of Europe: where Austria and hungary are located now. It does not exist any more. Austria-Hungary was a country from 1867 to 1918. The Compromise of 1867 brought them together and they established a Dual Monarchy in which they shared power over the country and had two separate p (MORE)

Why is Austria and Hungary paired together?

Austria and Hungary WERE a dual monarchy for about 70 years before the First World War. If you look at history you will find that many countries and regions, especially in Europe, changed borders and alliances over the decades and centuries to try to become more powerful. You will find that England (MORE)

Where is Austria-Hungary located?

That country actually doesn't exist any more, it was the name of an empire, called the Austro-Hungarian empire, that was founded when the Austrian and Hungarian monarchies joined in 1867, they then dissolved after a defeat to the Italian army in WWI in 1918. The Empire encompassed parts of what is (MORE)

When did Austria-Hungary join WW1?

Hungary was the fourth, willing country to join the Axis by signing a treaty on Nov. 20th 1940 though in some parts were led un-loyal to the Axis. These people were forced into it when they took hostages, making Hungary completely Axis in 1944. From the very beginning Adolf Hitler persuaded German (MORE)

Was Austria-Hungary a part of Germany?

Austria-Hungary was not a part of Germany; it was a monarchy ruled by Franz Josef the first, that split into pieces after the First World War. During the same period, Germany was run by Kaiser Wilhelm the first and the second. ___ Until 1866 Austria was part of the German Confederation and in fac (MORE)

What did Austria-Hungary think about Imperialism?

Austrio-Hungary viewed the (New) Imperialism movement as an essential tool to stretch their sphere of influence across the world (since other Europeans nations done the same). However, it couldn't partake in this movement to to internal division caused by the ideals of nationalism. Austrio-Hungary w (MORE)

When did Austria-Hungary surrender to Serbia?

She never surrender to Serbia alone, but surrendered to Allied powers including Serbia. Serbia at near end of the war occupied territory that will be known as Yugoslavia and some parts of Hungary and Austria.

Why and how did Austria and Hungary combine to form Austria-Hungary?

In the Habsburg Empire absolutism was restored after the unsuccessful Hungarian War of Independence (1849-49). However, Franis Joseph was forced to come to terms with his Magyars, because of military and financial problems in the Empire. The Compromise of 1867 transformed the Habsburg Empire into (MORE)

What is the difference between Austria and Austria Hungary?

Austria-Hungary- or the Austro-Hungarian Empire is a defunct political scheme akin to Confederate States or U.S.S.R it no longer exists- a fallen flag- the Empire was broken up. Austria AND Hungary are still extant but are independent countries. there were some territories like the Podcarpathian Rus (MORE)

How was Austria-Hungary responsible for WW1?

Austria_Hungary had an alliance with Germany, and actually started WW1 by invading Serbia in 1914. They were an unstable empire, and were worried about collapsing like the Ottoman Empire. For this reason they really wanted to crush Serbia, who were gaining power and trying to start a greater Slavic (MORE)

Did Austria-Hungary have a big military?

Did Austria-Hungary have a big military is taken collectively with them as a single country, the answer is no. Austria-Hungry (the Austro-Hungarian Empire) was dissolved as a single country after World War I. By the start of World War II, the country of Austria had been absorbed (the Anschluss or (MORE)

How was Austria Hungary affected after WW1?

The Austria-Hungary nation was broken up into smaller nations. Pieces were also given to neighboring countries. Serbia absorbed Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Slovenia from Austria-Hungary (to form Yugoslavia). The Czech and Slovakian regions became Czechoslovakia. Hungary became a separate nation. (MORE)

What did Austria-Hungary do in the balkans in 1908?

They invaded Bosnia who at the time were rather close allies of Serbia. This made Serbia angry and thus forth they contacted Russia who were allies with Serbia. Russia then said that if Austria-Hungary do anything to Serbia, Russia will have to react. Then after the assassination A-H shelled the cap (MORE)

Why did archduke of austria hungary get assinated?

Oddly enough, because he was a good guy. He showed signs of being areformer, whenever the old Emperor finally did die and he assumedthe throne. That day could not be far off, because the Emperor wasancient and had been on the throne for 66 years, and, in fact theEmperor died two years after the heir (MORE)

Why did Austria Hungary fear Serbia?

It didn't. Austria-Hungary was a huge powerful empire. Serbia was weak and tiny. The one advantage Serbia had was its ally, Russia, but Austria-Hungary had Germany to back it up, which nullified that possible advantage.

Did Austria-Hungary win ww1?

Austria-Hungary collapsed just before the war ended because of the years they had been fighting. It lost to Russia and Italy.

Why Was Austria-Hungary Against Serbia?

Austria- hungary were against serbia in ww1 because austria's archduke Franz Ferdinand was assasinated by serbian terrorists. This is one of the reasons the first world war began.

What kingdom combined Austria and Hungary?

Austria and Hungary from 1867-1918 were combined in union as the Austro-Hungarian Empire or simply known as Austria-Hungary.From the 1500's Hungary had been a part of the Habsburg Empire,sometimes just known as Austria.But in 1867 was given a partnership as an equal in a dual monarchy.

Who was the emperor of Austria and Hungary?

If you're talking about Austria-Hungary and the one whose death started World War I, that would be Archduke Franz Ferdinand. During World War II, considering that it started in 1939, Austria was already a part of Nazi Germany, making Hitler the leader of Austria (and all other German countries exclu (MORE)

Why did Austria-Hungary and Serbia did not get along?

very little known fact is that there was custom war between AH v Serbia trading pigs and plums. Second AH used Serb as their border guards against Ottoman empire trough western Europe So it was trade off for relative autonomy of Serbian People. Annex of Bosnia was major step that was parallel to i (MORE)

What was Austria Hungary?

Austria-Hungary is now a historical term. It used to be a countryruled over by the Habsburgs. The Habsburgs had always had a lot ofproblems with the Hungarians as they never gave up their rebellionsfor independence. So, in 1867, they made a compromise andthis way a dual monarchy called Austria-Hun (MORE)

What country is Austria Hungary in?

Austria and Hungary are neighbouring separate countries in Europe at the moment. Nevertheless, they share a very long common history. For centuries there was a Habsburg sitting on the Hungarian throne (being both an emperor of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Hungarian King). In 1867, when there was th (MORE)

Why did Austria-Hungary invade Russia?

Russia wanted land in Europe, and an access to sea. It wanted to increase infuence in eastern Europe and the Balkans at the expense of Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary's goal was to maintain its position in eastern Europe at the expense of Russia. The 'powder keg' was the Balkans. So, Austria-Hungar (MORE)

Who is the Archduke of Austria-Hungary today?

Currently the empire of Austria Hungary no longer exists, after the first world war it was divided up into Austria and Hungary. The current president of Austria is Heinz Fischer who has been in office since 2004. The current president of Hungary is János Áder who has been in office since (MORE)

What did Austria Hungary turn into after the war?

Austria-Hungary became the modern day countries of Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, the Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Romania

Did Austria-Hungary leave the war?

The Austrian Kaiser Karl tried to start up separate peace negotiations with the Allies, but the Allies were only interested in the surrender of all the Axis parties, including Germany. The Germans on their part were not amused by Karl's peace efforts. In the end Austria had to remain at war until th (MORE)

Why was Russia in conflict with Austria Hungary?

In 1914, a place called Bosnia was part of Austria-Hungary, and there was a neighboring country was Serbia. Serbs and Bosnians are part of a larger group of people called "Slavs", so they are related groups, with similar languages and customs; Austrians and Hungarians are not Slavs (Austrians are Ge (MORE)

Who is Austria hungarys leader?

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was dissolved following World War I, was led by Emperor Franz Josef I. By the time the war started, Franz Josel was in his eighties, so his military forces were led by General von Hotzendorf until by General von Hötzendorf. When Emperor Franz Josef died in 1916 (MORE)