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Is barium a metal or nonmetal?

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Is neon a metal nonmetal or semi metal?

ITS A NON METAL It's a gas, one of the so called noble gases because of its reluctance to form compounds with other elements at STP. Other noble gases at STP include helium, a

What are metals and nonmetals?

Metals are the elements which have tendency to loose electrons from their valence shells and form cations. example: copper, gold, silver, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc..... Nonme
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What metals can be either nonmetal or metal?

Metals cannot be either non-metal or metal hence the designation. The elements that possess properties of both metals and non-metals are called metalloids. The metalloids are

If chlorine nonmetal has seven valence electrons while barium metal has two to donate how many chlorine atoms are needed to form an ionic bond with barium?

Two atoms of chlorine are needed, one to accept each of the barium electrons in an ionic compound, barium chloride (BaCl2).
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Is a metal that reacts with a metal a metal or nonmetal?

A metal that reacts with another metal would be a metal, not a nonmetal. Metals don't generally chemically react with one another, but they can be made to form metal mixtures