Is ben barnes and Anna from Chronicles of Narnia dating even though he's a few years older than herI think they'd both look so cute together plus he's hot?

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No, Anna and Ben are not dating in real life.

Ben Barnes is currently single right now.
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Should you take your ex back after a year if you still love him and he says he's been considering getting back together with you even though he was the reason you all broke up?

Answer . \nIf he really said, "He's was CONSIDERING getting back together with you" then put this guy out of his misery and kick his booty to the curb. HIM CONSIDER! What a slap in the face to you! It sounds like he thinks he's still in control. This guy hasn't learned a thing. I'd tell him (MORE)

Does Chris Brown think he's hot?


Why does your male dog hump even though he's fixed?

It could be one of a couple different things. One is because that's the information he was born with. It's called inborn instinct. Just like the bios in your computer, we all start with a basic set of instructions already implanted to get life going and keep it going. The other reason he could be hu (MORE)

Why does a male dog hump even though he's fixed?

If you cut a human's balls off, he will still hump stuff too. Why do we neuter dogs? We can't deal with their sexual life so we just eliminate it? It's like, some weird kid is really annoying so you remove his voicebox so he can't talk, it's just wrong.. We spay and neuter dogs for several reason (MORE)

You love this guy who has cheated and continued to cheat even though you forgave him and he wants to have a family. He's now in prison so do you write him because you love him or because he's a liar?

Get wise and get rid of this loser. He sounds like bad news and will only cause you grief.. Answer . I agree with the above poster. This guy will continue to cheat on you and now he's in prison. These are reasons enough not to bring a child into a world with a man such as this for a father. This (MORE)

You like your older brothers friend and he's three years older than you?

its kinda normal for a young kid to fancy your brothers mates because their older and you might feel older when your with them. but you'll never go out with them because they will already have girlfriends and they might find you annoying without you meaning to be. but don't ever tell your brother he (MORE)

I think my manager likes me even though he's married. He asks questions that are not relevant to the job and he's always around just me. Today he offered his arm to me so that I would fall in the snow?

It's hard to say at this point; while he may be testing the waters, he may simply be nosy. Every business has a busybody. If he is interested in you , there's not a reason to be flattered about it. He's a supervisor coming onto a underling, which is unprofessional and taking advantage of his job (MORE)

Does Nick Jonas thinks he's cute?

He most likely does think he's cute. You would kind of have to if majority of the fans like you the most. He's not self absorbed or anything like that though. You would never find him saying that he's the cutest out of the group. You have to admit, he is super cute.. HE IS MORE THAN SUPER CUTE. I W (MORE)

What aged girls does Nick Jonas date like would he date a 13 and a half year old even though he's like 15 or 16?

Ok this is what I think. I think Nick Jonas could date whoever the heck he wants to date, If he really likes her he will go out with her. If your 13 there IS a chance of going out with him. 13 year olds now are born in like 1995. His birthday is 1992, that is only a 3 year difference. It may not hap (MORE)

I like this guy he's like 4 years older than me?

Depending on the ages, four years isn't a big deal... 14 and 18 is a big difference, while 16 and 20 are less so. Of course the older you get, the less age difference honestly matters, at least until you get into the really high numbers.

Is true you can go out with a man as long as he's 2-3 years older than you in Texas Even if your under age?

Texas state laws have nothing to say over "dating", if you were to have sex then that is a different story, they cant stop you from having sex if your partner is 17 and say, your 15, but if anyone were to find out it is considered sexual harrasment, if you do decide to have sex it is a good idea to (MORE)

What do you do if a guy is so much taller than you it looks like he's a lot older than you and you are dating but he's only 1 year older?

I've been dating my boyfriend for nearly 5 months now. He is MUCH taller. I'm 5'3" he's 6'5". He is quite a bit older than me too, almost twice my age. But we really like each other a lot and plan on getting married on day. So I would say if you like the guy don't worry what other people think. Ag (MORE)

Can Obama become president even though he's from Kenya?

Just a simple advice to all web users. "Before posting a question, be sure to just search for answers on the Internet. Chances are, that some else asked the question and there is an answer." Your question is based on the correct assumption. You assume that Obama is from Kenya. and he is. His fathe (MORE)

Can you take your baby outside even though he's sick?

You can, and he won't die from it, but it'd be best if you didn't because a child's immune system isn't as strong as that of a full grown adult's, and he is more prone to ending up with a worse disease if exposed. But if it's a total emergency, just be sure to keep him warm and safe from the wind an (MORE)

What do you do when you have liked a boy for 2 years but he never takes any notice of you and all your friends think you are an idiot for liking him even though he's in the boys popular group?

well you have two options .. you can either make him notice you or forget about him. Does this boy know you like him? Do you even talk to him? If not these are the first steps you should take just to at least get to know him as a person. Results could be that you don't even like his personality and (MORE)

I really like this boy he's so cute but he's 2 years older I've never talked to him and I'm sure that if he finds out that i like him everybody will make fun of me please HELP?

Be Confident And Do Not Care About Other People But Make Sure That You Are Okay With Telling Him And Try Not To Be Stressed And I'm Sure That They Will Not Make Fun Of You.. Good Luck XX Thx))) But I'm sure that he won't care...(.. and I'll embrace my self..((... Can smb give me some advice ;- (MORE)

Do guys think about you flaws when he's looking at you?

Seriously, no. What a guy is usually thinking when he's looking at a girl is positive, not negative. Guys by their nature are positive thinkers and usually much more practical than a girl is. So he's more likely to be thinking how good you look, or whether he'd stand a chance if he came and talked t (MORE)

Should I date a boy if he's 1 year older?

its up to you. if you really like him and would like to go out with him then yes, 1 year difference doesn't matter. Infact, older boys are more mature so i reckon you will have a better relationship with someone older than you than with someone your age or younger. a few years difference doesn't mat (MORE)

How can you get your Older brother's friend to like you Ok so my bro is 3 years older than me but his friend is younger than him I'm 12 years old and he's 14 but i love him and see him look at me?

Ok the fist thing you have to do is become friends with the person you have a crush on and once you think you have a strong friendship and you know he doesnt have a crush on some one else or is dating some one else you ask him if he has a crush on you and then if he does you can either wait for him (MORE)

How do you get a super cute popular guy that is 3 years older than you to even notice you i am really shy when it comes to flirting By the way I'm 12 and he's 15 Any suggestions?

i believe he is too old for you, but if you want to get his attention you're going to have to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and try to become friends. Then you need to develop a very strong relationship as friends before it turns into the relationship you're looking for. There is however (MORE)

How do you get a guy to ask you out when he's four years older than me and we're both really shy and basically socially retarded?

Okay, if you want him to ask you out, you have to be irresistible- and you have to flirt. FLIRTING 101 1) Smile. Stand up tall. Guys like confident girls. If you are shy, just stand up tall and say hi to everyone. Just a quick hi. They don't have to be you're friends, but it let's him know you're ea (MORE)

How do you tell a guy you think he's cute?

if you are scared to tell him to his face then you write a note and give it a friend to give to him. But if you are not scared to talk to him just say i like you and explain why you like him yuh can tell him by sending one of yuhr friends or just be brave nd go tell him yuhrslef whats the wo (MORE)

Is it possible that he still loves you even though he's ignoring you?

Well it depends. Mayne you're to clingy and he just needs his space ignore him back. if he starts talking to u again just across as if its normal. But if he keeps ignoring you he probably doesn't like you anymore. Sorry :/I ANYWAYS THERE'S MORE FISH IN THE SEA DON'T WORRY! IF HE DOESN'T LIKE U THERE (MORE)