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Molecules did not exist at the time of the Big Bang and not even in the immediate time after. To make molecules one needs atoms but it took about 370.000 years after the Big Bang for the temperature had dropped enough for atoms to be stable.
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How do scientists know about the big bang?

They don't know with certainty; it is theroy. There is evidence, but no conclusive proof. What is The Big Bang theory?   A..C Let the symbol be a car traveling with a

Evidences of the big bang theory?

Edwin Hubble discovered that the distances to far away galaxies were generally proportional to their redshifts-an idea originally suggested by Lemaître in 1927. Hubble's obse

What does the big bang theory suggest?

The Big Bang suggests that the universe is Time bound (or has a finite existence), that the universe is expanding (within the dimensional limits of Space and Time), that the u

How big is the big bang?

Now How Would We Know EXACTLY How Big It Is And/Or Was?! We Aren't That Clever You Know! ¬¬ Go Ask Alister... The big bang is still happening today, as the universe is sti

What does a big bang theory state?

The Big Bang is the dominant (and highly supported) cosmology of the beginning state of our Universe. In essence, it states that our Universe began from an initial state of ve

What are the characteristics of the big bang theory?

The Big Bang Theory present the theoretical premise for the causation, termination, and continuation of an evolutionary expansion of the universe. The Big Bang Theory promotes

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When was the Big Bang?

The current estimate for the initial expansion of the universe dubbed "The big bang" occurred about 13.7 billion years ago.    See related link for more information.

The Big Bang theory states what?

Big Bang Cosmology does NOT state that the mass of our Universe  exploded from a single point into empty space. Rather, it states  that the density of Universe has been decr

What is a big bang theory?

Big Bang Cosmology (BBC) states the space within our Universe has  been expanding at a (more or less) constant rate, for a period of  time on the order of ten billion years.

What is big bang?

when the world was so young the stars all incident each other and blast is called the big bang..

Why should the Big Bang not be called Bang?

The problem with using the concept of the term Bang in the namesake theory called the Big Bang is that it inadvertently implies an explosive reference. The concept of the Infl

What is the disadvantage of the Big Bang theory?

The main disadvantage of the Big Bang theory probably lies in our inability to explain where the original "ball" of energy came from that did the expanding (the "Bang") to for

Who named the big bang theory?

Fred Hoyle coined the term Big Bang. He dismissed the idea of an explosion-like beginning to the Universe as 'cartoon physics' and thus the term Big Bang was derogatory. Howev

What was the 'big bang'?

It is the theory that the universe began as a single point containing all the matter in the universe, all squashed up. Then, something happened which caused it to expand rapid

What is the concept of the big bang?

Big Bang is a model of the universe which specially deals with the  question that how the universe might have started.It mainly  suggests that 13.798 billion years ago,all t

Was there noise during the big bang?

A sound is compression waves moving through matter, like air, water or even the ground. A noise is generally regarded as random sound vibrations. Since there was more matter i