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Yes! Castillo is a bloodline. Started by Tekla Castillo in California back in the mid 70's. These pit bulls are beautiful! Well bred!
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What is the best bloodline for pitbulls?

I highly recommend the Colby line.

What is the biggest pitbull bloodline?

  Last time I checked it was the royal bloodline

What is your pitbulls bloodline?

  MIne is a Colby.

What are the red nose pitbull bloodlines?

It is a strain of the pitbull breed. You could tell the strain by the red nose and the red color. They are also called red line dogs.

What is a ruffian pitbull bloodline?

hi from what i know the ruffian bloodline is an old red nose pitbull bloodline as far as i know that's what it is ,also check out the blue poll terrier suposed to be the start

All about Jeep bloodline pitbull?

I got a gatormouth female pit and a 1/2 Razor's edge and 1/2 Blue male pit. A blue coat is just a color, not a bloodline.

What is your pitbull bloodline?

I have a Colby bloodline pitbull. It's mostly white with brindle patches. If you remember Petey from the little rascals, he was from that line also.

Is zeebo pitbull bloodline?

The Zebo bloodline is a bully line. In the related links box below I posted good information about the topic.

What is pitbull royal bloodline?

It is a bullie line know as royal blue.

What is Bruno pitbull bloodline?

Bruno was a dog that used to belong to Garry Hammond. Garry was the breeder of the "hammonds line" pitbulls.

What bloodline is a American pitbull terrier?

There is only one American Pitbull Terrier. The names you hear when some people talk about it are bloodlines within the breed. Some of this lines came as a product of the pers