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Is child support a pre tax deduction?

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Is child support a pre tax deduction?
Child support is not a deductible item on taxes. However, other options and considerations may exist. see link below
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Is child support deductions taxed from pay checks?

Method of making payment makes no difference...check or deduction or whatever.   It is not a deductible payment or deduction on return. Paying for your children is done wit

Is child support tax deductible?

  No. If you are providing more than one half of the support for the child, you may be entitled to claim them on your tax return.
Will child support take your tax return?

Will child support take your tax return?

yes, even if no arrears exist see links below The State should not be taking your tax refund if you are current. (Making the court-ordered payments on an arrearage doesn't

Is child support tax deductible if not then why?

  Unlike alimony, child support is not tax-deductible and the receiving parent does not have to pay taxes on the income. Why? Because child support is designed to replace

What are after tax deductions?

Those are amounts taken out of your paycheck that do not reduce the amount of tax you have to pay on your salary.

Are child support wage assignments deducted from a payroll check before or after taxes?

  Answer   Uh....it's YOUR family...not mine.   Supporting your children and family any way you want, is NOT tax deductible to anyone. What you purchase for them

What is a tax deduction?

It is a term for an amount, whether it be determined by its cost, like a medical expense, or some other method (like a child or dependent person being considered as a specific

How can you cancel child support deductions?

[if you're the obligor] Show the court that: you have custody of the child; the child is deceased; the child has been adopted; the child is emancipated; the child has attained
Is short term disability a pre-tax deduction?

Is short term disability a pre-tax deduction?

It depends on how whether your employer gave you the option. If you are buying your policy for maternity purposes you are better served paying after tax. Pre-taxing disability
Can you deduct child support for over night stays?

Can you deduct child support for over night stays?

No Actually yes. It is up to the courts to decide but they often times reduce the amount based on how much time or how many overnight stays are involved. In SC for example, th