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Yes and no. In the UK, the term "cornflour" does indeed often refer to what others know as cornstarch.

However, cornflour can also refer to flour made from corn, or corn meal (as opposed to cornstarch, which is only part of the corn flour). While they will both thicken a broth or juice, the corn flour will leave a strong taste. The cornstarch will not leave an aftertaste, which is why it is used as a thickener.
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Can you use cornflour instead of cornstarch?

Absolutely. Cornstarch and cornflour are the same thing. Generally speaking, the product will be called cornstarch in the USA. In Commonwealth countries, except for Canada, it

Is cornflour the same as cornstarch?

These are not the same. Cornflour is ground corn. The entire kernal is used. This would be similar to cornmeal but a much finer consistantcy. Cornstarch is a by product of cor

Cornflour can this be used to make bubbles where the recipe is for cornstarch?

I'm guessing no. But you might be able to use wheat flour. Double the amount of wheat flour (regular flour). Corn flour doesn't have any gluten in it. Neither does corn starch

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How do you get cornstarch from cornflour?

Cornstarch is cornflour, just ground to a smaller diameter. If you have cornflour and a grinder, just grind it some more, just like you would grind crystallized sugar into i

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No. Cornstarch is milled corn germ, used as a starch or food thickener. Cream of tartar is potassium bitartrate, a potassium acid salt used in cooking and in leavening agents