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In an urban environment, the use of sharpshooters is the most cost-effective, efficient and safest means of bringing a deer herd to the level that the land is capable of supporting. It's a sad fact of life, but it is reality. The sharpshooting service uses highly skilled marksmen (certainly not state or fed govt employees) that have been able to show an ability to function unerringly at the highest levels of state or national shooting competition. These marksmen that win state and national shooting titles can be counted upon to place their shots absolutely on call when called upon to do so. They have verifiable credentials of operating under intense mental pressure, while demonstrating a high level of inner discipline. The harvest site is critiqued for bait placement and stand height so that there will be no possibility of an errant shot leaving the site due to pass-through, a glancing deflection or mechanical malfunction. If need be, a barrier is placed directly behind the bait and in line with the sharpshooter as added insurance, depending upon the situation. When the animal feeds in the harvest site, the sharpshooter is afforded a stationary target at a known distance that his rifle is sighted-in specifically for. The sharpshooter will then restrict themselves to executing a shot ONLY when the animal is in perfect position with its head in the bait. Resting the rifle on the stand, these target-quality rifles can be counted upon to place (literally) every shot in nearly the same hole at the distance of the bait station, time after time. This distance is normally 15-25 yards. A sound moderating device is used to erase the muzzle signature of the rifle so that the the sharpshooter's immediate activity is significantly reduced to the local populace. This also allows the sharpshooter to harvest multiple animals per session as the animals are not alerted to the activity as readily either. Small caliber, hyper-velocity and highly frangible ammunition of match grade quality is used by experienced culling experts. This is done for maximum safety as the bullet detonates on contact with any object. The chances of a ricochette or even deflection of fragments are eliminated using this type of ammunition. The sharpshooter places this projectile absolutely dead center into the cranial cavity of the animal and death is instantaneous. There is no suffering whatsoever and the animal's life simply ceases. So yes, sharpshooting is a good way to control a deer population provided that professionals are doing it.
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