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Is diamond found in Papua New Guinea?

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Yes, there diamonds in PNG in the Islands of New Britain, New Ireland and Bougainville but are kept hidden due to the preserving of the mineral for the future generation of this country, it is very illegal to sell it or export it to other countries under the constitution of this nation but are preserve for later use.
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What beautiful bird is found only in Papua New Guinea?

Possibly the answer is supposed to be the Bird of Paradise. However, species of this bird are also found in Australia, Moluccas, austral Asia and nearby islands.

What does the papua in Papua New Guinea mean?

'Papua' comes from the Malay word pepuah which was used to describe the distinctive, frizzy Melanesian hair of the people who live on the island of New Guinea.

What island is papua new guinea on?

Most of Papua New Guinea is on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea.

Is Papua New Guinea hilly?

No, Papua New Guinea is mountainous and some is rainforests.

Are there kangaroos in Papua New Guinea?

Tree kangaroos are found in Papua New Guinea, but not ground-dwelling species.

Is Papua New Guinea in Indonesia?

No. Papua New Guinea shares the island of New Guinea with the Indonesian privince of West Papua. Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern side of the island, while west papua is

Is papua new guinea in the Philippines?

No. Papua New Guinea is a completely separate country, in a completely separate part of the Pacific.

Is papua new guinea overpopulated?

No, but the capital city Port Moresby has been labeled overpopulated as people from villages have travelled to the capital, thinking to have a better life; leaving them no c