Is disclaimer language mandatory for a discount coupons?

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From my experience most coupons do require disclaimers.
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What is a disclaimer?

A denial of responsiblity. eg in an insurance policy it might say "Invalid when due to civil unrest". This is a disclaimer to say that you would not be paid if your problem was due to rioting.

What are discount coupons?

Discount coupons are the consumer promotions offered by the merchants and manufacturers in order to provide discounts and benefits to their customers. By using discount coupons you can save some extra money and able to add savings in your account. Discount coupons are categorized as online cou (MORE)

How do eBay members get discount coupons?

eBay send out discount vouchers, either via email or occasionally "snail mail", to selected members from time-to-time.. For most of this year (2008) the main criterion for receiving one is that you have been a very active buyer. At other times, other criterion may apply.

Discount Book Sales Coupons?

For getting discounts on books, you need to have books coupons and promo codes. There are lots of sites offer discount coupons on books and magzines offering by top merchants including Amazon. You only need to access these sales and discounts. So follow the link below and enjoy savings on books.

What is a discount coupon code?

It is a code or instrument which gives you discount on shopping. Stores offer these discount coupon codes to facilitate their customers and to increase their sale. For example if a product have a price of $100 and you have a 10% discount coupon code for that product so when you use it you will pay (MORE)

Where can you get discount tire coupons?

The usual coupon websites often offer tire coupons. You can also check the websites of manufacturers you are interested in.Keep an eye on local advertising in your newspaper.

Are discount tire coupons really worth it?

Any coupon that you can use to save money is most certainly worth it. You can save an average of ten to fifteen percent using tire coupons. Check with the local discount tire dealer to see if they accept coupons.

Is it worth to use coupons to get a discount on tires?

Coupons are almost always worth using because they cut away from the base price of items. Coupons do not give you less quality items because you use them. If you have a coupon for a trusted brand of tires then it would be worth it as long as the store or company does not have a better deal going tha (MORE)

Where can you find coupons for discounted tires for your car?

Many individual tire manufacturers offer coupons or discounts on their tires. Most of these coupons can be found on their individual websites, coupon database sites, or in your local newspaper. One tire company that offers discounts and coupons for their tires is Firestone.

How to get discount coupon of Buydvb online shop?

buydvb online shop now prepared Halloween discount coupon(expires Exp 31-10-2011) : Save $5 OFF Any Purchase of $50 Or More-Code: 9128c08514 Save $10 OFF Any Purchase of $100 Or More-Code: 2670807ac8 Save $15 OFF Any Purchase of $150 Or More-Code: 7ed0114af8 Save $20 OFF Any Purchase of $20 (MORE)

Does Viajero Rent-A-Car offer any discount coupons?

Offering a discount coupon. Viajero Rent-A- Car has been at the apex of providing five-star customer service since 2008. Recognized and stamped by the Philippine Top Brand Awards, Viajero Rent A Car was accredited "The Most Outstanding Car Rental Service Provider" award from 2010 to the present. Vi (MORE)

Are there discount coupons available for Sainsburys flowers?

Although unable to currently find coupons available for Sainsbury's Flowers, there are discount codes available from a variety of sites offering discount promotions. Some sites that are currently offering discount codes for Sainsbury's Flowers are the "my deals" and "find vouchers" websites.

What is a good place to get free discount coupons?

Always pick up the free in-store magazine when you go shopping - there are usually coupons in it. Newspapers often have them, but the cost of the paper can outweigh the savings. Online, sign up for coupon sites such as Coupon Network and SmartSource. And of course always sign up for your grocery sto (MORE)

Where can one get discount coupons for Kleinfeld?

Researching has shown that there are a few different options for finding discount coupons for Kleinfield. These can be found on sites such as Retail Me Not, Yipit, and One should always be sure to check expiry dates as these offers tend to vary from time to time.

Where can discount tire coupons be found?

Some Discount Tire coupons can be found on RetailMeNot, a website, and on techbargains, again, a website. With the decrease in popularity of paper media, more and more coupons are available only on the internet, on sites like slideshare.

What type of discounts are available for TGIF Coupons?

TGIF coupons come in a variety of discounts that are swapped on a constant basis in order to get you to try more of the menu and come back when the item isn't on sale. Some common examples include 15% off your guest check, $5 Friday's Bonus Bites card, or a free appetizer or desert for downloading t (MORE)

Where can one go for discount tire coupons?

A person might find some discount tire coupons from coupon websites like Retailmenot or Coupon Cabin. There are also several physical tires stores that offer promotional coupons occasionally like Goodyear.