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Yes, drinking too much water can be toxic - except it is very hard to drink too much fresh, clean water to be able to die. Normal healthy people would need to drink on the order of 20 liters per day for it to be toxic but people with some medical problems, particularly the elderly and very young, can get toxic on much lesser amounts. Also people with psychiatric disorders, most notably schizophrenia.

Drinking too much water is called polydipsia. This, as well as several other processes, can cause low blood concentrations of sodium, which is known as (dilutional) hyponatremia.
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Can a person drink too much water?

Yes, anything in excess can be dangerous to your health, Drinking too much water is called 'water intoxication' which is also known as hyper-hydration, water poisoning or over

Can you drink too much water in a day?

Yes, it is possible to drink too much water and it can cause harm  to your body. If you drink an excessive amount of water in a short  time, your kidneys will not be able to

Can you get drunk from drinking too much water?

No. What will happen, is you will end up killing yourself due to  Water Intoxication.    Answer:   8 glasses a day (or more) is safe, just don't drink them all at

Can you die from drinking too much water?

Yes you can. It is called Hyper-hydration or water intoxication. The primary issue is that the vast quantity of water will wash out many of the nutrients and minerals the bo

What are the effects of drinking too much water?

Drinking to much water can get you bloated and possibly feeling a little like you have to throw up. You will also have to go to the bathroom often. If you really overdo it,

Can drinking too much water be bad for you?

Drinking very large amounts of water over a short period of time may be fatal. This was demonstrated in the infamous case of the "wee for a Wii contest" where contestants trie

What happens if you drink too much water?

Initial symptoms include having to urinate, and vomiting. Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication and to a related problem resulting from

Can drinking too much water kill you?

Yes... you will basically drown. Your organs will drown. Drink normal. Dont chug a gallon or liter size water. If you dont die you will get a huge stomach ache, pee alot, or h

Why is Cat drinking too much water?

Diabetes or the cat's kidneys are failing. You need to take your cat to the vet immediately as both problems are fatal if not treated quickly
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Disadvantage of drinking too much water?

Our kidneys can process water 200L a day, and only 1.5 - 2 L that goes to the bladder as urine. At least we need 2 L of water a day to help our body function very well. And wa
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What will happen if you drink too much water?

The water concentration will be much more than the salt concentration in your body, your kidneys will then shut down, and you have a STRONG possibility of dying. If you drin

How do you die from drinking too much water?

Hours after competing in a radio station contest to win a Nintendo  Wii, 28-year-old Jennifer Strange was found dead in her California  home. The station's "Hold Your Wee fo

What can drinking too much water do?

Drinking too much water will overflow your cells with water, your  body will stop functioning and you will die. Thats only if you  drink a certian abount of water that corre