Is eiilm sikkim university fake or not?

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Its not a fake university . It is good university .yes, eiilm university sikkim is ugc, mhrd approved university. Distance program of eiilm university are bca,mba,ba in hospitality and tourism. Dec approval only for 2009-2010 session only. for more detail about Eiilm university regarding any query , for Business Proposal and for direct admission in Delhi/NCR . Also contact for all courses as B.A,B.COM,B.SC,M.A,M.COM,M.SC, B.ED,DIET,B.TECH,M.TECH ,B.LIB,M.LIB AND MANY MORE COURSES FROM OTHER UGC,DEC,APPROVED UNIVERSITIES IN ONE SITTING please contact Kapoor Sir 09818542627 and email id
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Is eiilm university a fake university?

I personally think that eiilm university is fake and i have solidreason for same -they make promises to student that they willadjust their PG Degree in back date after passing

Is eiilm university fake?

That is not a fake university. It is a good university. This university is recognised by ugc, mhrd. for more detail contact KAPOOR SIR at 09818542627

Colleges under EIILM university which is located outside sikkim will get UGC recognized certificate or not?

its UGC recongnised but prob... is many colleges opened their off learnig campus in different state which is illegal n regulation was passed on 29 augaust 2009 by ugc n more o

Is sikkim manipal university fake?

Absolutely not. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education is not a fake university, It has UGC, DEC and HRD. Also it is considered as the one of the best universities

Is eiilm university fake or not?

It is good university and not a fake university. It is state private university.EIILM university is ugc and mhrd approved university.

Is eiilm university fake university?

GRADUATION IN ONE YEAR EIILM University EIILM University, Jorethang, Sikkim, is fully recognized and approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) vide letter no. F. 9-1