Is eiilm sikkim university fake or not?

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Its not a fake university . It is good university .yes, eiilm university sikkim is ugc, mhrd approved university. Distance program of eiilm university are bca,mba,ba in hospitality and tourism. Dec approval only for 2009-2010 session only. for more detail about Eiilm university regarding any query , for Business Proposal and for direct admission in Delhi/NCR . Also contact for all courses as B.A,B.COM,B.SC,M.A,M.COM,M.SC, B.ED,DIET,B.TECH,M.TECH ,B.LIB,M.LIB AND MANY MORE COURSES FROM OTHER UGC,DEC,APPROVED UNIVERSITIES IN ONE SITTING please contact Kapoor Sir 09818542627 and email id
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Is sikkim-manipal university of India is approved by ugc and hec?

Yes. Sikkim Manipal University is approved by UGC and AICTE. It was formed by the Government of Sikkim under the Section (2) of UGC act like every other Government University in India. SMU is not a Deemed University, it is a proper University formed by a state legislature act, like the Mumbai Univer (MORE)

Is EIILM university recognised by the UGC?

Eastern Institute for Integral Learning in Management University (EIILM), Jorethang, Sikkim, is fully recognized and approved by University Grants Commission (UGC). See the Related Link below.

Is sikkim manipal university recognised?

Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education is recognised by . University Grants Commission(UGC) . Ministry of HRD . Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) . Recognised by Distance Education Council (DEC)

When you can join the course of MBA from sikkim manipal university?

Hi, Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education has two sessions in a year, one is in Jan and the other in July, the admissions are on for the Jan session, you can apply at one of the nearest learning center. For more details visit Have a great future..

Is eiilm kolkata affiliated to Punjab Technical university?

A good MBA college affiliated to PTU is Bengal Institute of Business Studies No eiilm is not affiliated to PTU.. it is an university itself.. but me too is eager to know about this institute and the placement provided by them.. Situated in the heart of Kolkata's business district, the Eastern Inst (MORE)

Eiilm kolkata is affiliated to which university?

EIILM kolkata is a not affiliated to any university.however, it gives an MBA degree from its own sponsord university-EIILM University,Namchi(a UGC recognised) is strictly a private institution offering PGPM courses in maangement education.

Is Sikkim Manipal University approved by HEC?

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has not recognizedSikkim Manipal University. However, the university it approved bythe University Grants Commission of India's Department of HigherEducation.

Which university is better for MBA sikkim manipal or bharthiyar university?

Hi, both the universties are good, please have a look at the market value of the degree and to that Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education provides MBA with good online facility and it has learning centers all India and the fees are reasonable too.. To know more please have a look at http: (MORE)

Why have the UGC put the name of Sikkim manipal university in the public notice about fake private universities even though SMU has the approval from DEC and UGC?

dear friend smu is not a fake university, but according to ugc act 1956, state, state open university, deemed university cannot open study centres in other states of India or cannot accept admission through franchisee, agents. they can conduct distance courses in its main campus only. the university (MORE)

Is eiilm university a fake university?

I personally think that eiilm university is fake and i have solidreason for same -they make promises to student that they willadjust their PG Degree in back date after passing the same ,so isit possible,no/never.Hence it proves it is a fake university.

Is eiilm university fake?

That is not a fake university. It is a good university. This university is recognised by ugc, mhrd. for more detail contact KAPOOR SIR at 09818542627

Colleges under EIILM university which is located outside sikkim will get UGC recognized certificate or not?

its UGC recongnised but prob... is many colleges opened their off learnig campus in different state which is illegal n regulation was passed on 29 augaust 2009 by ugc n more over many colleges BANGALORE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, RAI BUSINESS SCHOOL , INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL many colleges are giving (MORE)

Which is better sikkim manipal university or icfai?

Hi, Both the universities are equally good, but Sikkim Manipal Universities has good online facility and they have reasonable fees too, why dont you visit their website at Have a great future.

Sikkim manipal university regonised by ugc?

Hi, yes Sikkim Manipal University's Distance Education has UGC, DEC and HRD approvals. For more details do visit our website. I hope I have answered your query. Have a great day

Sikkim Manipal University Assignments?

Dear friend,Assignment and projects are a vital part of our MBA/MCA/BBA.... course.It is easy to secure 90%+ marks in it but the condition is that we have to submit a good quality material to your college/study centre. It is not a child's play to answer the assignments full of newly updated and to (MORE)

Is sikkim manipal university fake?

Absolutely not. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education is not a fake university, It has UGC, DEC and HRD. Also it is considered as the one of the best universities in India for Distance Education for all the courses which includes MBA, MCA and various other courses.

Is the chhattisgarh university fake university or not?

Is it sure not fake university. as the website is concern{||| State Govt. Notification|-|| HRD Ministry|-|| UGC|-|| AICTE|} The reader might gain helpful information by Googling 'Life eperience degrees suck'. There are also some good videos on Youtube under that search term. Also view 'life-experi (MORE)

Is eiilm university fake or not?

It is good university and not a fake university. It is state private university.EIILM university is ugc and mhrd approved university.

Is eiilm lovely professional university?

No dear eiilm is differnt and lovely professional university is different university. eiilm is located at Malabassey ,West Sikkim where as lovely professional University is located at: Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar - Delhi G.T. Road (NH-1), Phagwara, Punjab (India)- Phone:+91-1824-4 (MORE)

Is woodfeild university a fake university?

Woodfield University is part of the world's largest scam of diploma mills ever exposed. Besides a solid F rating by the Better Business Bureau, Woodfield University is part of a ring of diploma mills that earns more than $70 million a year ripping off Americans. This fake University is based in (MORE)

Is eiilm university fake university?

GRADUATION IN ONE YEAR EIILM University EIILM University, Jorethang, Sikkim, is fully recognized and approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) vide letter no. F. 9-19/2007 (CPP-I) dated 09the May 2008 and is established under Sikkim State Legislature ACT No. 4, 2006, Government of Sikkim. (MORE)

Is eiilm university recognised by UGC or not?

yes it is UGC recognize one. but it's jurisdiction at sikkim's certificates cant to use stats psc and higher study at outof this states. private universities has some controls from UGC, check UGC website

Which distance university is better LPU or sikkim manipal?

LPU is a high tech university with quality education and a good faculty, here many schemes of scholarships and financial aids are offered , the best companies recruit the students, check its web site for its facilities in research, library etc

Is degree of eiilm university valid for doing MBA in Gujarat?

I have gone through the Question and Its Quite Easy to Answer it for Sure after Completing the Graduation from the Above Said university you are Eligible to Apply for Admission in Master's in Business Administration in Gujarat or in the Relevant Masters Program as I have Gone through the List of UGC (MORE)

What is rank of Eiilm university in INdia?

It is the 12 Ranking University in India and it is awarded by the Cosmode Business Survey and recently it is also awarded as the outstanding University by the Star news Channel.

Is eiilm university fake or genuine?

thisis agood university.i never seen this type of university.and i have already do bcom in this univeristy and now i got a job in dell compamy in hyderabad.this is good univerity.

Is University of Lincoln a fake university?

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