Is FaceTime on ipad 2 free?

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In iPad 2
Yes, as long as you have Wi-Fi.
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What are facetimes?

It is a video call on the iPhone 4. You can also use it on iPod Touch 4th generation. To use it on iPod Touch 4th generation, have the persons email, and FaceTime their e-mail(only if they have iPod 4th gen. If they have iPhone 4g then just use their phone number)

Can you get a free iPad?

The simple answer will be NO, you can find places claiming they will give you an Ipad but not untill you pay twice as much on their affilate sales than a Ipad would cost.

How can you get a free iPad?

Get someone to give it to you as a gift. There are no websites, random giveaways or charities that are giving away iPads.

Who has facetime?

people who have the new itouch and the new iphone BUT theres this app called tango which allows you to use your old iphone cam for facetime

Can you trade your iPad for a iPad 2?

No because the iPad 2 is to highly advanced with the two cameras and Intel core duo 5. But you can get the software update IOS 4.3 on you Ipad. It should be up as a download on itunes for free in a few days from March 10 2011. Umm no actually you can they will give you money for the trade and then y (MORE)

How do you FaceTime?

This simply means speaking to someone in person - face to face - as opposed to on the telephone or by email.

How do you get a free iPad 2?

Some websites and stores may have contests, but make sure you trust the vendor before entering. Many iPad 2 giveaways are scams.

Is FaceTime free on the apple store?

No. FaceTime costs $0.99 on the Mac App Store, and is built in to all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) as of June 2010. FaceTime is not available on the iOS App Store.

Can you trade in your iPad for a iPad 2?

Sadly, you can't. I have an iPad my self and I want the 2nd generation but the prices of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 are the same so you could sell it for the same price you bought it at then buy the 2nd one for almost free only you have to pay tax.

What are the differences between the iPad and the iPad 2?

The new iPad 2 has a camera on the back and front, for face time.The new iPad is 33 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter, has 10 hrbattery life, and is much lighter. The iPad 2 has more improved features and the internet is muchfaster than iPad 1.

Is the iPad 2 better than the iPad?

Yes. The iPad 2 is definitely better than the original iPad. First because of the most obvious differences that it now has a front facing camera and back one for facetime and movie recording. Secondly it is also considerably thinner than the previous generation wich had a sort of wobble when you put (MORE)

Which is better the iPad or the iPad 2?

You cant actually tell because there really is no difference apart from the camera on the iPad 2. The iPad also has HD and some people think that a 10 hour battery on the iPad 2 is awesome, but in actual fact, if you think about it, the more you use it, the more the battery usage is going to get low (MORE)

How can you get a free iPad 2?

In 2007, I had spinal cord surgery on my neck. They put a plate in my nect. It was so painful. Even after 7 years I still have severe and numbess in my arms and neck shoulders. Also, my back is in bad shape and I fall alot. I use a worker and I still ende up falling. The Doctors keep telling me I'm (MORE)

Is the iPad bigger than the iPad 2?

the screens are the same size, but the ipad 1 is thicker than the ipad 2. The new iPad (3rd generation) is slightly thicker than the iPad 2.

Where can you legally watch free movies on your iPad 2?

Hulu is a great site with free movies and TV shows, but it is not available in all countries. If you're in the UK and have a Sky TV subscription, you can use the Sky player to watch shows, which you are entitled to in your subscription (either live or on demand). If you are resident in the UK (MORE)

How do you get a FaceTime?

basically when your girl friend wants to show her face to you in her bedroom so you just master bait right in her face so that's basically what face time is , it also includes blowjob's

What can you do on an iPad 2?

well on the i pad 2 u can listen to music play with your games take notes go, and go on the internent ... but u cant go on the internent if u dont have wi fi. hope it answers ur question :)

What are some good free iPad 2 games?

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Tiny Tower, Dragonvale, Terrapets, Monster Story, Agent Dash, Pocket Army, Temple Run, Battleheart. You could also download Appsfire Deals. This shows you apps which have recently become free, or have dropped in price. All of these are free.

Where to get free iPads?

There is no reliable source of free iPads. The 'you've won' pop-ups online are all scams. If you want one, save your money and buy one.

Which is better iPad iPad 2 or a laptop?

Side to side comparison iPad : No camera, good for occasional typing, great for games iPad 2 : Camera, other than that same as ipad1 Laptop: Flash, probably a camera, ability to hook up usb device All in all I would go with laptop

How do you log off FaceTime for iPad?

You close the program or disconnect from the active video chat session. If you don't want Facetime to alert you when someone want to chat, set the Notifications for Facetime in the Settings menu.

How can you FaceTime iPad to iPad?

You must go to your settings and turn on Facetime on, sign in withyour Apple ID, and register. If you have an iPhone, you can enteryour wireless number, so people contacting you on that number viaFacetime can reach you through your iPad. If not, set up an iCloudaccount and use that as your Facetime (MORE)

Is FaceTime on iPhone 4S free?

YES, It's free. but just can use at apple product. for example: iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPad touch, Recently At&t added Free Facetime over 3G before it was only offered on wifi. Source of info is added below in links

How will the iPad 3 differ from the iPad 2?

Alright, it will basically be all the basics like: camera, isights, weight, screen resolution. Go to, check out the price and you will see "RESOLUTIONARY" The New iPad. 16gb: $3888 (Hk dollars) 32gb: $4688 Check out the 64Gb.

How can you tell the new iPad from iPad 2?

The rear camera hole is larger on the iPad 3, and when you go to create an email, there is a microphone icon next to the space bar letting your enter email by voice recognition. The Retina display is harder to notice, especially if you are trying apps not written for the enhanced resolution.

Which iPad is better iPad 2 or iPad 3rd?

About resolution, 3 rd generation. About stuff, A tie would happen since they both have 2 cameras, a touch screen, same size. DO NOT judge it for its generation!

Can you put an iPad case on my iPad 2?

Yes, kind of. The iPad2 includes cameras in the front and back, the original iPad case didn't have slots for the cameras. If you need to take photos or videos you will have to pull it out of the case, or drill your own.

Is game center for iPad 2 free?

Yes, it is a part of the operating system. It is basically just a cental repository of high scores and a way to see what your friends are playing. It doesn't have any games in itself. Of course, the games you download and install might not be free.

Is iPad 2 an iPad?

No. Apple's iPad is not a 'You Pad'. A You Pad is apparently a Chinese knock-off tablet.

How do i identify new iPad from iPad 2?

There are many changes in the new iPad 3 models. I will list them here: Higher Resolution (HD) display ("Retina") A5X processor, as opposed to A5 processor 1GB RAM memory as opposed to 512MB RAM New Quad-Core Graphics Processor Rear camera now is 5-megapixel and auto-focuses, vs. 0.7-megap (MORE)

Is your iPad a1219 a iPad 1 or 2?

The A1219 in an iPad 1 Wi-Fi. The number does not tell how much memory is installed. Apple updates the technical numbers on its site: