Is fear of the telephone common and is it possible to overcome it?

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It is actually pretty common. All fears can be overcome, it just may take a while. I'm guessing by being afraid of the telephone you mean calling people for services or answering the phone. If this is the case, start off slow, talk to friends, order a pizza. Eventually you will get used to the idea. If your fear is of the telephone itself, get someone to put a telephone in the same room as you but keep it unplugged. Get used to seeing it everyday for a few weeks, then plug it in with the ringer off, after another few weeks try with the ringer on low and move up from there. Answer Think of it this way ... it's no different than using IM or email .. the person on the other end can't see you and most of the time doesn't know you. If someone calls and you start to feel uncomfortable just say someone is at the door or you have to call them back. As the above poster said it just takes time and practice. ANSWER It depends if you scared of the actual telephone or speaking ont the telephone. the speaking is eaiser to overcome but fear of the actuall phone can be overcome
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