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In freeware, the creator retains copyright; he is merely choosing not to charge for the use of his program.
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What is freeware?

Freeware means that a program or system is available without charge for an unlimited amount of time. This is in contrast to commercial software, where you must pay to get the

Is handbrake freeware?

  Yes. Actually, it is freely licensed and open-source software, but for most users there is no practical distinction.

What is freeware license?

Freeware is software that is totally free. The author (provider) does not charge a user to use the software. Shareware is similar. You can use the software free for a time, bu

How does shareware and freeware software avoid copyright issues?

The majority of shareware and freeware programs are still protected by copyright, but the rightsholder has attached a broad license allowing free distribution, sometimes with

Is utorrent a freeware?

Yes. There is a paid version, but this does not enhance the basic bittorrent features of uTorrent. The paid version adds some other features and is not necessary to use uTor

What are freeware programs?

The term Freeware has no clear definition, but it is generally used for software , which is available free of cost and which allows copying and further distribution, but not m

Is Vocaloid freeware?

No. You have to pay for it. If you are looking for something similar, try downloding UTAU, which is freeware.
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Is WinZip a freeware?

No, you have to bbuy WinZip in order to use it. Nevertheless, it  gives you a 30-days trial period. Though, there are atrernative  programs to WinZip and they are free, like

Is Linux freeware?

Yes, and this is actually its main goal. It is also Open-Source (which means that you can look at its code).

Is a Freeware a software that has been donated for public use and has no copyright restrictions?

No. 'Freeware' isn't the same thing as 'free software'. The former is software that is free to use, but usually restricted in some way, either it has limited functionality, or
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How does freeware work?

Someone writes a program that other uses might find useful. They accept, that they own no rights to that program but allow it to be used by whoever wants to without any lega