Is going to Antarctica is an easy or a dangerous thing?

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Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest, coldest continent on earth. For humans and all other animals, it is a totally dangerous place. In this case, dangerous in the sense that there is no vegetation, no food chain, and there is constant wind and extreme cold.

Animals that are equipped to survive cold weather do so based on their bodies having a layer of blubber that keeps their bodies warm. These animals, such as penguins and seals, come to the coast of Antarctica to breed. Once their young have fledged, the animals return to the sea, which is warmer that the open air in this polar environment.

You cannot take any commercial flights to Antarctica. Cruise ships cruise the warmer parts of the sea around Antarctica, and spots on these vessels can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars or pounds.
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Dangers in Antarctica?

The greatest danger to all animals there, including humans, is death by freezing. Frostbite is also a danger, but one can recover from frostbite. Because it is an extreme geo

What are the dangers in Antarctica?

The extreme cold is certainly an issue, and according to the Vostok website, the low CO2 levels there cause problems also! Antarctica is the highest, driest, darkest, windiest

Is Antarctica dangerous?

For humans, this is the most extreme location on earth making the number one danger survival on the driest, coldest, darkest, windiest and highest continent.

What are things not to do in Antarctica?

Every government that supports a research station on the continenthas a different set of rules for actions that are not allowed bythe temporary workers who live there. Mostly,

How dangerous is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. If you are not prepared for this extreme cold weather, you can freeze to death.

What are the dangers to Antarctica?

There are massive cracks in the ice which has split and could go down several metres. If it was dark and you couldn't see where you were going then you would fall down and not

What dangers are there in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, darkest, coldest andiciest continent on earth. It is an extreme polar environment wheresurvival of animals -- including humans --

What are dangerous things in Antarctica?

You could die from hypothermia, fall into a crevasse with no rescueavailable, slip into the Southern Ocean wearing your extreme coldweather gear and drown, or approach an adul

Is it easy to breathe in Antarctica?

Yes. The air, however, is always freezing cold, so best practices dictate that a person wear a balaclava, in order to prevent the inhalation of ice crystals into the lungs.
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