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Is graffiti a form of art or vandalism?

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How do you learn to create graffiti art?

With lots and lots of practice you can learn to create graffiti art. Observe graffiti around your area, on buses, trains, construction sites, phone boxes, signs out the front

How can graffiti be considered as a new form of art?

it is because in graffiti you also use color and it is a form because art can be on a canvas art is everywhere

Who created graffiti art?

joseph sherwood

What percentage of people think that graffiti is vandalism?

around 75% of the population think that it is vandalism but other  people like my self think it is art which the artist is trying to  cooperate with his work and he is showi

Is boxing a form of martial arts?

I believe not. Most people, even fighters, don't think of boxing as a martial art. Boxing is a western sport and has no place in practical martial arts discussion because the

Is graffiti art?

It depends on how you define art, and what graffiti you're talking  about. Certainly there is graffiti out there that is amazingly  done, beautiful, and completely worthy of

What are the art forms in the 20th century?

impressionism , post impressionism , fauvism , neoimpressionism , cubism , dadaism , futurism , neoplsasticism , surrealism , abstract expressionism , OP art , POP art

What is vandalism?

Vandalism is the attack or damage of property of any kind including virtual space with no other purpose than destruction or disruption of the said property or virtual space.

What are the forms of imperial arts?

The word Imperial means something related to an empire or emperor. Any art created for an emperor or by an empire is considered to be Imperial Art.

What is a vandal?

The word Vandal means one who purposefully, willfully or out of ignorance destroys, damages or defaces the property or work of others. This includes both private and public pr

What is the difference between graffiti and graffiti art?

graffiti takes its name from Latin *graphīre to write . There are so many forms of it that just saying it is all graffiti is almost the same as saying any form of music is ju

Why is graffiti considered a form of vandalism?

Whenever you deface or devalue property that does not belong to you, then you are committing a form of vandalism or criminal mischief. This is illegal. Graffiti as an art st

When did graffiti art start?

Graffiti has been around since men could draw on walls. Caves from 30,000 years ago often exhibit over endowed men and beautiful (by the standards of the time) women. It could

Where did graffiti art start?

Dates back to 1 BC   Answer   Graffiti started all over the world basically back when the cave men from them writings on the wall to the Egyptian time called hierogl

What is the art form Pop Art?

Pop art is a visual art movement from the 50's that originated in the U.S. and Britain. This art form took images and ideas from popular culture (such as movies, television, m