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Is guava biennial or annual plant?

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guava is a perennial plant
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What is the difference annuals biennials and perinnals?

Annual plants grow from seed and flower, make seeds and then die in one season (year).   Biennials grow from seed in the first year and over winter to flower, make seeds a

Is spinach an annual biennial or perennial plant?

Spinach is an annual crop. To be more specific it is called a "winter annual" since it germintes in cool autum and grows vegetatively until grwoth is gradually slowed down as

What is the difference between an annual and a biennials plant?

An annual completes its life cycle in one year, from seed to flowering, back to new seed. A biennial has a two year life cycle. The first year it grows from seed and produce
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Is maize annual or perrenial or biennial plant?

Maize, otherwise known as corn, is an annual crop. In other words, once it reaches maturity, it dies. It has to be recropped if you want to grow a second crop during the same