Is guy fieri and anne burrell brother and sister?

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No but they have the same hair style
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Did Anne of Cleves have brothers or sisters?

Anne of Cleves had two sisters and a brother. Sybille (Elder sister) Wilhelm, Duke of Julich-Cleves-Berg (brother) Amalia of Cleves (Younger Sister)

How many brother and sisters does Anne Frank have?

Zero brothers and two older sisters. I'm in fifth grade and I did a report on her in third grade. If an adult asked this question, I feel very bad for you because I know more

How many brothers and sisters did Anne Boleyn have?

Anne Boleyn had one sister named Mary and one brother named George. Mary had been the mistress to Henry VIII before Anne. George was beheaded for incest with Anne shortly befo

Is Anne Burrell related to Guy Fieri?

No they are not siblings, they are however good friends. They tease each other by saying blonds have more fun. Anne actually went on the Guy show where they cooked pizza and s