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I dont think anyone can say what heaven is like, all we can go from is what it says in the Bible and capitalisim doesnt come into it lol. It should be a place of rest, peace and love, no pain or suffering, no-one betters each other, I doubt very much there will be any money! Money causes war, greed and a whole lot of other annoying complecated things that could be easily avoided. I dont think we should should worry too much on what it will be like in heaven, just concentrate on the life you are living now,are you helping as many people as you can ? Just try and live a great life on earth for God :) ----- The question is asking if the H in heaven is capitalized. Not if there is money in heaven. This issue is dependent upon how you view the subject. If you use it as a lowercase it refers it to being just a location, such as, home, school, mall, theater, concert hall, and tavern, that are broad generalizations that are not anywhere in specific. To refer to it as Heaven, is calling it a specific place that is formally identified, such as, I am moving to the West, I think I will visit Idaho or Oregon, France is a country, etc.
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What is Heaven?

One Answer: There are many different places to which the term "heaven" can bereferring. The 3 places which are referred to in the scriptures as "heaven"are 1) The dwelling pl

How do you get into heaven?

Christians believe there is just one way: salvation comes through belief in Jesus Christ, God's Son, who died for us but overcame death, physically rising again.

Is there heaven and how is it?

According to the Bible and Near Death Experiencers of all kinds andages, there is definitely a Heaven and it is absolutely wonderfulbeyond description. It is to good to descri

Is this heaven?

A: If you a questioning whether WikiAnswers is heaven, then it would be opinionated. Asking and answering questions for a lifetime could sound tedious for some but for other

What is the answer to heaven?

the answer 2 heaven is... ok say your at the gates of heaven and God asks why should i let u in don't say because im a christian and i always read the bible because he wont le
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How do you get out of heaven?

There is no scientific evidence that any sort of Heaven exists. Therefore how do you personally get out of something that doesn't exist? It can not be done. A:2 To get
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What will be in heaven when you get there?

I personally do not believe in a heaven, however according to Christian doctrine no mortal knows because no mortal has gone to and returned from heaven.
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Is there a heaven or not?

Of course there is where else are you going to go when you die? (Don't answer that) Many believe so, many do not. It is a matter of faith and not open to scientific inve
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When do you capitalize the word Heaven?

Heave n is capitalized whe n used at the begi n ni ng of the se nte nce because it is a commo n nou n. However, if it is used as part of a proper nou n the n
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Who is in heaven?

I suspect most of us (all the particles and non-material aspects ofthe world) are in heaven. Most often we humans are not aware oftaking this concept of heaven personally. Ma