Is helium a pure element or compound?

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Helium is an element
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Is pure air an element or a compound?

If you are talking about the gas we breath in the air, it's a compound. Pure oxygen as a gas exists as a molecule. Oxygen as an element, is unstable and as far as I know doesn't exist as a single element in nature. It will always occur in combination with something else, such as H2O or O2.

How can matter be classified into mixtures pure substances compounds and elements?

Matter is broken down into two main parts: mixtures and pure substances.. A pure substance is something that is consistent throughout. This means that in this substance all the atoms or molecules are the same.. Elements are a sub-unit of pure substances. All the atoms in elements are identical. Th (MORE)

Are elements and compounds pure substances?

Only if they contain no other contaminants or in other words any substance other than the one you're talking about. It is possible to have a sample of an (almost) pure element, as it also is for compounds. Total purity is very very hard, however.

Can a pure element be compound?

No. An element is made up of only one kind of atom. A compound is made up of two or more different elements chemically combined.

How is pure element different from an element in compound?

A pure element (on an atomic scale) is a series of the same atoms (same amount of electrons). Elements in compounds are fused to each other meaning that their amount of electrons may have changed and they may have a different charge.

Why elements and compounds are called pure substances?

Because they have a unique set of chemical and physicalproperties... When called pure this means that they are differentfrom the other elements for example two elements that are the samewould not be named "Pure" while an element that has not match inthe periodic table would be a "Pure" element

What element does not exist in its pure form but must be derived from compounds?

There are many elements that do not exist in nature in pure form, especially the highly reactive ones toward either end of the periodic table, such as sodium and chlorine. These are always derived from compounds. Also the only metal that is found in its pure form in nature is gold due to its extrem (MORE)

Is pure silver an element compound or mixture?

I would say a compound, because, if I can remember correctly, a miture is like a salad. You can take out the lettuce, tomatoes, cucmbers, and what not, a taco could also be a mixture.

What is the element or compound containing helium?

Helium itself is an element and it forms no chemical compound whatsoever, therefore, it is a noble gas. The atom of Helium is so inert that it cannot even form a molecule with another atom of Helium, hence is monoatomic.

What other elements make compounds with helium?

None. Helium does not form any compounds. Theoretically, true compounds may be possible, such as helium fluorohydride (HHeF) which would be analogous to HArF, discovered in 2000. This requires very low temperature (< 2.5K) and extremely high pressure (> 23GPa). The existence of fluoroheliate ani (MORE)

Is selenium found in a compound or in pure elemental?

Selenium occurs naturally in a number of inorganic forms, including selenide, selenate, and selenite. In soils, selenium most often occurs in soluble forms such as selenate (analogous to sulfate), which are leached into rivers very easily by runoff. Selenium has a biological role, and it is found in (MORE)

How is matter classified into mixtures pure substance elements and compounds?

Elements are the smallest amount of matter that something can be broken into without going into the sub-atomic level. All things are made up of elemens, for example the oxygen in the air that we breathe. A mixture is not chemically bonded, and can be easily separated, for example a mixture of saltwa (MORE)

Is aluminum usually found in a compound or in a pure element?

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