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Advantages of homework
  1. You don't have to wait for everybody in the classroom to do everything themselves, but you can do work at home at your own speed.

  2. You can practice what you learned or practice the skills that you learned inside of school that day.

  3. You don't have to stay in school long enough for the teacher to go over every single thing (which would take two or three times as long as if you had homework).
 Here are some comments from contributors
  • Homework is a review of what you learned in school that week: It is 51% pointless, and 49% important.
  • Homework doesn't help with anything, and yes it is pointless!
  • Yes, because if you went over it in class you should know it.
  • No, homework is not pointless. Homework may seem like a waste of time in elementary and middle school, but in high school, it is very important to memorizing things, especially in math and science.
  • Homework is meant to help you practice the things that you will need in a later time. Just like you have to practice to be good at sports or music or art, you have to practice to be good at using your brain! Even if you don't think something is important, the teachers know that you will either need that information after you graduate, or you will need to know the mental process that you have learned while doing that work.

    For example, you do lots of work where you have to read something and summarize it, or pick out the important things. This teaches you to understand what you read, which is important for things like understanding your job, figuring out how to put things together and work them, knowing what to do if you have a problem, etc. Math is important in figuring out your budget so that you don't run out of money, and making sure that you are not cheated when you get paid for something or when you buy something.
  • Depends on the homework. Some of it is pointless, some of it is practice and you won't pass the class if you don't finish it. Trouble is, it doesn't matter if the homework is pointless or not, you still have to do it to pass. So just do it and get it over with.
  • Although we don't like doing it, it is important to do homework in order to reinforce what we have learned and to find out what things we are not so sure about. Homework is practicing. Athletes have to practice and train when they are not actually competing. Homework is doing the same thing. To practice what you learn, you need to do homework. It is not much fun, but it is important to do it for your education. Education is one of the most important things you need.
  • It's the practice that your teacher thinks you need in order to master the subject matter or the process that he or she is responsible for teaching you. It is also a way of checking on each student's progress long before test time. And it's a way of proving that you did the work, just in case later on someone thinks you didn't.

    Some of it is interesting, some of it is exciting, and some of it is actually fun. Besides, it exposes you to things you might be good at but aren't going to find out about by doing nothing.

    Unless you are very rich or stand to inherit a lot of money so you never have to work, your time in school is probably the last time you are going to spend most or all of your time on nothing but yourself. That's what school is. It isn't for your teachers, who already know the subject, and it isn't doing much for your parents. It's all about you, giving you the knowledge that your culture has agreed you need in order to take care of yourself and contribute to society. (Of course, it's also designed to turn out good little citizens and deliver a supply of workers to the workforce.)
  • After school, you are going to be expected to spend an awful lot of time doing what somebody else wants, for somebody else's profit or benefit, which is what a job is. So if you're smart, you'll get all you can out of school and give yourself the greatest possible number of options for afterward. Use school to open doors, not close them.
  • The point of everything you study isn't necessarily obvious while you're studying it, and it is not necessarily useful. Usefulness isn't everything. Some of the best things in life aren't useful in any practical sense. Take music, for example. Utility is not the same thing as value. The value of what you learn is not just for your work but for your life.

  • Homework helps teach responsibility and work ethics. It is important because it teaches you self-motivation and focus. It is designed to make you do your own work, outside of a normal learning environment on your own, out of your own free will. Which is why kids hate it so much. We go to school to do that, why do we have to do it at home as well?

  • Although it helps review lessons learned earlier that day or week, or chapter, etc., it is mainly targeted towards work productivity and responsibility. As children and young adults, a lot of the time we cannot grasp the intentions or meanings of homework (thinking it's pointless and the teachers just hate us), but really, it helps us exercise focus, problem-solving, productivity, accountability, time management, and responsibility that will help us as adults, facing work and everyday tasks.
  • Homework is boring, and especially when you have to do it in Welsh.
  • It is good because it makes us understand what we learn in school.
  • Homework is not pointless, but in some cases it is. It isn't because you can go over what you have learned and the more you do it the more you know it and can review it. On the other hand, it's pointless because most people don't do it and people have more important things to do. Like looking after a little sister because their mum isn't very well or something like that.
  • Homework is not weird, but it helps you learn more stuff and new things! So when you grow up, you would help you with your job.
  • Well I think homework is pointless because it is just repeating what you did at school. And you could be doing better things.

  • All the advantages of homework can be obtained with initiative. So yes it is pointless. Homework also induces stress. All who say homework teaches you responsibility need to know it takes even more responsibility to learn without the losing good grades if you don't. And the mere fact that it is graded proves that its grading is either contradictory or unnecessary. Plus think of how much time, money, paper, and pencil carbon we wasted on homework. Only two types of homework have ever helped me and those are summaries and outlines, but they are only good the first time per section. You might say I am a kid trying to get out of work, well that's part of it if you mean labor by work, but if you say I'm just a kid trying to get out of work, it's not just that I'm trying to get out of labor meant by work, it's pointless labor too.
  • Yes it is pointless! You know kids are staying up late to get their homework done but they don't get enough sleep! You wonder why kids in school are putting their heads down, it's because they stayed up doing homework! It also causes obesity. While kids are inside doing homework they can't go outside and play to get exercise so they get fat, maybe, maybe not. And childhood is something you can never get back! Ban homework! Teachers say it's a "review" of what you did in class! Sometimes I wonder if they do it to torture us.
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How do you do homework?

Homework can be confusing! Here are some tips to help you figure it out: . Be sure you know what the assignment is - you can make a homework assignment notebook, where you copy down every assignment from every class in one place so you won't lose it. . Be sure you know what the teacher wants (MORE)

Can you do your homework?

It depends. Ask yourself that question. Then if you cant, make sure you inform a teacher before the due date so you can go over it. If a teacher is not available, ask a friend who knows how to do it.

How do you do your homework?

Here's how to actually do that homework! . Know what the assignment is - keep an assignment notebook where you write down all of your assignments every day. If you don't understand exactly what your teacher wants, ask before you leave class, then write down what the teacher tells you! . Gather (MORE)

What is homework?

Homework is practice work that the teacher assigns to help you learn the material better. Some kids finish this at school, but it's still called "homework" because most kids have to do it after school.

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Why do we have to do homework?

We do homework to reinforce what we have learned in school, outsideof the usual study zone. Assignments work as projects that requirea number of skills in different subjects to complete. Projects orany homework for that matter may require resources that cannot beobtained at school eg. a brochure abo (MORE)

Will you do my homework?

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. Here's why: . Plagiarism is illegal - you can get a failing grade, get kicked out of school, lose your job, and even have to go to court and pay massive fines if you get caught. . Cheating is immoral - we are not going to help you do something that (MORE)

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WikiAnswers is not going to do your homework FOR you. We will beglad to HELP you learn how to do it for yourself, which is thewhole purpose of the practice work in the first place. If someone agrees, they can do your homework for you BUT you'llmiss the whole point of homework AND you and the person (MORE)

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School is not necessarily pointless as a lot of people need it in life; but a lot of kids believe it is pointless because to them it is confusing and they believe that when you get older you will never use it, which is not entirely true. So it depends on who's point of view it is. If it is a kid (MORE)

How do you get no homework?

you canot have a teacher that doesnot give homework you just need to lesson in class to do your homework that is how you gonna get 100 from100 that is how people get good scores in their exams thanks for reading from six grader

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How will you do your homework?

To do your homework, find a quiet place to do it and start with onehomework assignment, get it done, and go on to the next until youhave it all done.

What is for homework?

Your homework today is to read the entire Bible and write a three thousand page essay summarizing it. If you have an assignment notebook, like I keep telling you to make, you will NEVER have to ask this question!

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How do you get an A on your homework?

Look through "A rated" essay and homeworks. See how they are made, take a look at details and writing tricks. here is good compilation of top rared essays

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You Could write it out using pen or pencil or you could type it up using microsoft word on your computer if you have one.

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Why do we get homework?

Homework is there to help you apply the information you learned in class. It it also necessary so that your teacher will be able to assess your abilities. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, learning without practice is not really learning. Think about it this way: If you play sports, you (MORE)

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If you can not do your homework what do you do?

If you don't understand your homework it is best to talk with your teacher or other classmates for help. Not to do your homework for you, but to make sure you understand the subject. Once you understand the subject, it shouldn't be too hard. It may be tedious, but you should be able to do it. If it (MORE)

Are gcse's pointless?

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What do you do for homework?

I recommend that you do what you were assigned for homework. If you have a problem or question with a subject or a specific assignment, ask that question.

Is learning French pointless?

No, learning any type of language other then your native languagewill help you in many ways. Being able to speak in two languagesopens many doors in the job market, as employers will look atbilingual persons with more interest than those who only know theirnative language. Also for those who apply t (MORE)

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What to do when can not do homework?

do you choose not to? or... is it to hard? if it is too hard i would recommend e-mailing you're teacher. This shows your teacher that you tried you're hardest and you are making an effort to get help. if you just don't want to do you're hw, DO IT.

Why you have to do your homework?

Because its a supplement to the subjects you're being taught in school. Limitations on the length of classes may mean your teacher hasn't covered everything they needed to. Setting homework allows them to see if you have learned what was being taught.

What can you do for your homework?

You do whatever the teacher assigns. If you mean you want extrahomework, I suggest looking in the textbook for extra questions orproblems, or using a search engine to look for quizzes or homeworkhelp in those classes.

How do you not do your homework?

Just don't do it. If you choose that option, though, be prepared toaccept responsibility for the consequences, such as a zero if thehomework is graded, developing poor study habits and a low level ofaccepting responsibility which can follow you the rest of yourlife, poor grades in school, possibly b (MORE)

Why do we do homework?

We do homework because to make your brain get more healthy and toget better at something and this is good for you you know

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