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Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb Apple iPhone?

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2nd generation
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Where can I get an Apple iPhone and for how much?

    There ate multiple places you can buy an iphone. The two most common places are local Apple Stores and eBay.com. Depending on which type of iPhone you want and whe

How many iPhones has Apple made?

Six. iPhone - The first iPhone Apple created. iPhone 3G - The second iPhone, improved size and look. iPhone 3G S - The third iPhone, introduced video camera. iPhone 4 - Th

When will apple stop making new models of the iphone?

As far as anyone knows, Apple will keep making new versions of the iPhone as long as people keep wanting them, some products that Apple has that will not have unlimited versio

Where can you buy iphone apple products?

I usually get familiar with the product first. I go to stores like Best Buy, and some Walmarts now have cellular service, then I shop online once I know exactly what I want.

How do you charge an Apple iPhone 3GS?

With the USB charger supplied with the phone. Then use this either through a laptop or pc, or a USB mains adapter :) One end is a rectangle shape with a number of pins and t

Why Apple iPhone popular in US?

I would say the iPhone is popular in the US because many of us feel more comfortable buying a smartphone designed by an American company and maybe someday made in America (lik