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Is influenza a communicable or noncommunicable disease?

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It is a communicable disease that usually spreads from person to person directly or indirectly through the body secretions of the infected person that contain the virus particles. It is often passed along by respiratory droplets that contain the virus particles that are expelled by someone when they sneeze or cough. The virus can also live on surfaces such as a doorknob. A person touching an infected surface and then touching mucous tissue by way of an opening into the body (Eyes, nose, mouth) can contract the flu.
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What are communicable diseases?

A disease, the causative agents of which may pass or be carried from a person, animal or the environment to a susceptible person either directly or indirectly. Reference Bailliere's Nurses' Dictionary 24th edition, pg 88 strep throat

What are examples of noncommunicable diseases?

Answer . Communicable means spreadbale. I.e. bacteria and viurses are 'infectious diseases' and can therefore spread between people. Non 'spreadble' diseases are things like cancer, asthma, Pagets disease, ulcerative colitis.. the list is practically endless. . False

Are noncommunicable diseases caused by pathogens?

Diseases caused by pathogens are often contagious and includethings such as Meningitis, Influenza and Tuberculosis. Diseases not caused by pathogens are generally things which gowrong in the body. For example, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis andMotor Neurone Disease are all diseases not caused by pathoge (MORE)

Is influenza a disease?

Yes, it is an infectious disease of the respiratory system caused by a viral infection. Because it can spread quickly, it can be deadly to a lot of people, it's often referred to as being an "epidemic" or a "virus of edidemic proportions". In some cases when it spreads worldwide, it is called a p (MORE)

What is communicable disease?

Examples include bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoal diseases. A communicable disease - is any condition that can be passed fromone person to another without actual physical contact.

Is diabetes a communicable or noncommunicable disease?

Diabetes is a noncommunicable disease as it cannot be spread from one individual to another. It is caused by disease of the Pancreas which does not produce enough insulin in the body. It runs in families and obesity, lack of exercise also has a role in producing diabetes.

What causes noncommunicable diseases?

nothing causes them. you cause any disease given to you. truly, your the reasoning behind any sickness, illness, or disease that you "catch" or receive. some diseases are contagious, many are not. if you catch a contagious sickness its not your fault, but otherwise it is. this is still partly your (MORE)

What are communicable diseases -?

Diseases that are spread from person to person...such as a cold or athelte's foot. They can be spread by contact or just through the air.

Is lung cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Cancer itself is not communicable. I spent lots of time with both of my grandfathers when they were infected with the horrible disease. Do not worry, you cannot just "catch" cancer by being around someone living with the disease.

Is TB a communicable or non communicable diseases?

TB is a communicable disease. A communicable disease is a disease that can be passed on in one way or another from a Carrier of the disease to some one else. and is usually the result of a virus or bacterial infection.

Is hepatitis B communicable or noncommunicable?

Yes. You get it from intimate contact with bodily fluids, generally blood (as in sharing needles) or by having sex. You cannot get it by kissing or other contact like hugs or holding hands or from sharing a cup. It is generally advised not to share tooth brushes or razor blades with infected p (MORE)

Is elephantiasis communicable or noncommunicable?

no its a noninfectious Yes, it can. There are two types of elephantiasis. The first being the more common, lymphatic filariasis, is transmitted through female mosquitos. Also, infections caused by elephantiasis can spread throught contact. The second type of elephantiasis is non-filarial elephantias (MORE)

What are the communicable diseases?

a communicable disease is also known as an infectious disease, contagious disease, or a transmissible disease. a communicable disease is one which is clinically evident (shows characteristic signs and symptoms) and can result from infection/presence/growth of a pathogen. pathogens include bacteria, (MORE)

What is communicability of disease?

This is the ability of the disease to get transmitted from one person to other person. So chicken pox is amongst the most communicable diseases and leprosy is amongst the least communicable diseases. Although both of them has been there with you from ages.

Is tuberculosis communicable or noncommunicable?

Tuberculosis (also called TB) is highly contageous (communicable).This disease is spread through the air, when a person who iscarrying the TB bacteria coughs or sneezes; generally, it isnecessary for prolonged exposure to such a person, in order forothers to get infected. This is another good reason (MORE)

How can you prevent noncommunicable diseases?

You need to be more specific to give a detailed answer. There are MANY "noncommunicable diseases" in MANY different fields of medicine, so if you could specify which NCD you wish to discuss I'd be happy to help you.

Is a cold a noncommunicable diseases?

It is actually the opposite, it is a communicable disease. Thatmeans that you can get it by 'communicating' with other people, andin this case communication means touching them or coming in contactwith objects and/or surfaces that they have touched.

Is parkinson disease a communicable disease?

Not as far as we know. Some families have a genetic disorder, making Parkinsonism more likely, but this is relatively rare . Most cases of Parkinson's are idiopathic ie unknown cause, but you cannot catch Parkinson's from someone who has it.

Is diarrhoea is communicable or noncommunicable disease?

It depends on what the diarrhea is from. The act of Diarhea itself is not communicable, but rather a response to something in your body which may be communicable. For instance, bacteria and virus can cause diarhea and many of these, especially Salmonella, are extremely transmittable if someone else (MORE)

How can you get communicable disease?

Air-borne . Physical contact . Insect bites . Sexual intercourse . Contact with bodily fluids (like saliva & blood) . Contaminated food and water

Is mental disease communicable disease?

Not in the classical sense, of communicable. There are diseases that are communicable that can cause mentalproblems (disease). One that comes to mind is syphilis. But fortertiary syphilis to occur takes decades. Now, in a closed environment (like a small population on a desertedisland), one person (MORE)

Is the flu a noncommunicable disease?

No. It is very easy to transmit this disease. The Spanish Influenza killed many people in this country because it became so viral, and it was so easily transmitted. It can be transmitted by air ( sneezing & coughing). Keep your hands washed. The flu or cold virus can live for several days on hard su (MORE)

Is colon cancer communicable or noncommunicable?

Cancer in general is considered noncommunicable betweenindividuals. This idea includes Colon Cancer. . Some have said that cancer is actually caused by a virus (which iscommunicable), but no significant research has been preformed alongthese lines since Dr. Rife's work over a hundred years ago. . (MORE)