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Is Iraq still in bankruptcy?

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If you are not behind on payments Can you still file for bankruptcy?

  Answer   Sure.    But understand, that regardless of those maybe saying otherwise, who generally have an interest in your doing so, bankruptcy does not auto

Can a creditor still collect after a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

If that particular creditor was included in your chapter 13 plan and you completed your plan and received a discharge, that creditor may not thereafter collect. However, certa

Can you file bankruptcy and still become a police officer?

It will make it very hard. They might let you apply, but you will be put at the end of the list and probably never get hired on. They will choose someone who's credit history

Can a person in chapter 13 bankruptcy sell a car that has a loan while still in bankruptcy?

  The short answer is yes. Of course, BK or not, to sell a car that has a loan means you must pay off the loan. And, it is unlikely anyone will give you another now. Tha

Why is the US still involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan?

Attack on soil on September 11,2001. The reason the US went to war in Afghanistan was because it was established globally that bin laden was behind the attack on the US 9/11

Why is there still war in Iraq?

  War against terrorism.

If items are reaffirmed in bankruptcy but the credit report shows a 0 balance and the items were discharged through bankruptcy do you still owe the creditors?

You always "owe" creditors after a bankruptcy, they just can't try and collect. If you reaffirmed the debt, you can be held liable. Reaffirmation means that you are (re)assum

How many Iraq war veterans are still alive?

The first gulf war was fought in 1990-1991. A total of 700,000 US  soldiers participated in 'Operation Desert Storm'. Considering the  fact that only 294 US soldiers died du

If a small business files a chapter 11 bankruptcy are they still obligated to pay their employee's?

Back pay is actually a claim item...although it is virtually always at the highest of priority and allowed to be paid by the "first day orders". After that.. going forward...m

The company filed for bankruptcy do you still owe the judgment?

  Absolutely. Thier BK only afford them some court protection and perhaps that some of THEIR debts are reworked or discharged. In fact, the court and creditors will be wan