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In Kosovo
"Kosova" is the Albanian name and "Kosovo" is the Serbian name, so unsurprisingly the Albanian-speaking government that announced independence in February 2008 calls itself the Republic of Kosova.
The government of Serbia, which hasn't recognized that government, calls it Kosovo. So whether you use "Kosovo" or "Kosova" can depend on your opinion of the situation in the place concerned. But most English speakers use "Kosovo" without implying that they believe that Kosovo is Serbian.

Still, the government that the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada -- important English-speaking states -- recognize calls itself Kosova, so maybe we should start too.

The names "Kosovo" and "Kosova" come from the Serbian word "kos", which means blackbird.

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What and where is Kosovo?

Kosovo or the Republic of Kosovo is a country located in Southeastern Europe. Before 2008 Kosovo was an Autonomous Province of Serbia that was under United Nations Administration, it was considered an Albanian run territory. In 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and was recognized by majo (MORE)

What is the future of kosovo?

It will hopefully become a great nation without invaders and will develop over time and turn in to the best country in the world like Albania

What does the name Kosovo means?

"Blackbird's" actually! It's possessive noun, abbreviation ofKosovo Polje, or "blackbird's field" in English. In Shqipe, orAlbanian language if you liked, it goes somehow like " mulizezë-sëfushe"... if you trust google translate, in their language Kosovomeans nothing, they just replaced last l (MORE)

Postcode of kosovo?

postkode of kosovo i think is 10000 10000 is of capital city of Kosova, Prishtina as every country in the world in Kosova also every municipality has its own postcode

What country does Kosovo belong to?

Kosovo is currently a self-declared independent country. However,Serbia still lays claim to it and only around half of the world'snations have recognized Kosovo.

What was the Kosovo War?

It was a ethnic cleaning war Serbians headed against Albanians. Serbs wanted to create Great Serbia in the region by fighting against Croats, Bosnians and Albanians. NATO had prevented them in doing so.

What is the history of kosovo?

Go to Bibliothek and learn about "HISTORY OF ALBANIA" .....before 1912...Kosovo was part of Albania and allso some good parts of Montenegro(Ulqin,Tuzi,Tivari..)Macedonia(Shkupi,Tetova,Gostivari..)Greec (Qameria..)Serbia(Nis,Sanxhak,.....Eastern Kosovo...Presheva,Medvegja,Bujanovci..)where part of (MORE)

What was the kosovo crisis?

i don't know what you mean with kosovo crisis cuz maybe you meant kosovo war of 1997-1999 but if we are talking about kosovo crisis then that basically was the crisis in march 2004 when minority of serbians killed 3 albanian children and albanians are majority in kosovo with 92 % so then started eve (MORE)

Did kosovo get there independence?

sure we did on Sunday february 17, 2008 i remember it was a cold day... but the best day of my life, beter than when a got married hahaha

Is kosovo a country?

Yes and no. It's not considered a country to everyone. Kosovo has yet to haverecognition by enough countries to be considered sovereign. Answer Yes the former Serbian province of Kosovo unilaterallydeclared independence on Sunday (February 17) and became recognizedas the world's 195th countr (MORE)

How did the kosovo war start?

The Kosovo war started because Kosovians wanted to be liberated from the Serbs. Kosovian villages started riots and through the Serbs' eyes they were seen as "terrorists". So, to keep them "in-control", the Serbs bombed and killed anyone who were members of the KLA also known as the Kosovo Liberatio (MORE)

How many people live in kosovo?

As an estimate in 2007, Kosovo had 1,804,838 people as a whole. Its capital had an estimation of 550,000 people in 2006. The density of its capital city, Pristina, is 661 people for every squared kilometer. However, in Kosovo as a whole, has 220 people for every squared kilometer.

What was Kosovo formerly known as?

The ancient name for the region of Kosova is Dardania, which commes from Illyrian tribe who was living there and beoynd this region. The name on it self originate from the fruit of pear (in albanian is dardha) which is abudant here. Dardanian's where one of the main Illyrian tribes.

Republic of kosovo?

Kosovo declared independence on the 17th of February 2008. The small south east European state sits between Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. The capital of the Republic is Prishtina, a city of around 500,000 people. The population of Kosovo exceeds 2 million. It is recognized by more than (MORE)

Why is kosovo at war?

It isn't. There has been no war since around 1999/2000. The political atmosphere is tense but there is no fighting.

What countries recognize Kosovo?

Countries that recognize Republic of Kosovo independence as of Feburary 20th 2009 are : (not in order) \n. ALBANIA \n. AFGHANISTAN \n. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA \n. UNITED KIGDOM OF GREAT BRITAN AND NORTHERN IRELAND \n. IRELAND \n. ICELAND \n. NORWAY \n. SWEEDEN \n. FINLAND \n. COSTA RICA \ (MORE)

Kosovo is a republic of what?

Kosovo is Republic of two million ethnic Albanians. Before it was known as "Kosovo i mehohija" from Serbian historic records. In ancient times, Kosovo was part of Illyria (illyrians-forefathers of today's Albanians) known as Dardania.

Why did kosovo get its independence?

Kosovo became independent because its Albanian government installed by the USA and NATO after the war decided it wanted to be independent from Serbia despite UN resolutions opposing this, the opposition of the Serbian minority in Kosovo and the opposition of Serbia, many surrounding countries and ot (MORE)

Is kosovo Albania?

Yes, complete Albania. They are same people, same blood, same everything. They speak same language and everything. Just like Oregon and Washington, are they different?

What is kosovo a republic of?

Kosovo is today mostly controlled by KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army.KLA is an albanian terrorist group, today supported by US and NATO,based on religious and ethnic hatred towards Serbs and Greeks, andhas on many occasions committed genocide against those ethnicgroups. When in 1998 Serbian Armed Forc (MORE)

What does Albania have to do with kosovo?

The Albanian government supported and continues to support the KLA terrorist organization in Kosovo, now renamed to Kosovo Police. Albania has the intention of taking Kosovo from Serbia, as part of the idea of a "Great Albania". Weapons used by the Kosovo Liberation Army were supplied by Albania, an (MORE)

Who votes in Kosovo?

everyone who wants to vote u must be resident of kosovo (kosovan nationality) u must be 18 + years old

Who discovered the country kosovo?

US Oil companies. Since they wanted an oil pipeline from the black sea passing southern Kosovo. Also to get the land-routes to the southern edge of the NATO countries like Greece and Turkey on the to the oil in Iraq and further into north-east. Also George Soros was interested in grabbing Yugosla (MORE)

Is Kosovo a Country And Where Is It Situated?

No Kosovo does not have enough recognition to be its own country, though it declared independence in 2008, from Serbia. It is situated in southern Serbia, bordering Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro.

Who won the battle of kosovo?

In Battle of Kosovo there was no winer of battle but Turks won the war against Serbian weak empire...Reason why Turks won was because they were disciplin army and modernized for that time, and Serbian noblema and rulers with church was selfish and didn't united on time...

Where can you exchange a kosovo driving license?

If you are asking about becoming licensed in another country, you will probably NOT be able to do a straight exchange of lecenses. (in the US) You will probably have to demonstrate your knowledge of the local traffic laws and, possibly, demonstrate your driving ability.

What are kosovo allies?

Kosovos main allies are most of European countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Swiss, Austria, etc, exuding Greece, Spain. Also US, Canada, Australia, Japan are main allies to Kosovo

What animals live in kosovo?

Bears for sure, birds, dogs, snakes (big ones), they have mountain goats, sheep, cows, chickens, pigs....all sorts of things, you should visit sometime :)

Why is Kosovo not in the un?

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on on February 17, 2008 but has not gained complete international recognition to allow it to become a member of the United Nations.

What are the enemies of kosovo?

The enemies of Kosovo are primarily the KLA terrorists, the Albanian government and their supporters. The KLA has effectively occupied the Serbian land of Kosovo, terrorizing both the Albanian and non-Albanian population. At this point the Kosovo Police, a group of KLA, has established presence in m (MORE)

Why did the us get involved in the kosovo crisis?

The U.S. likely had a few reasons for becoming involved in theKosovo crisis. According to former President Clinton, it was mainlyan economic reason, and the war was supposed to help the U.S.financially by increasing trade with Europe.

Is Kosovo found in Europe?

Yes Kosovo is a territory of Serbia that declared independence, but has yet to be recognized by enough nations to be sovereign.

How were people killed in the Kosovo genocide?

there was no 'genocide" in Kosovo .The Kosovo conflict was a civil conflict between the Serbian Yugoslav army and the Rebel "Kosovo liberation army".The Kosovo province of Serbia was largely Albanian and had its autonomy revoked by Milosevic when the KLA started to operate in the area. The total C (MORE)

Who is pony from kosova?

October.11 3 rd hour Have you ever read a story that shows characters expressing survival? In (The Most Dangerous Game) rainsford had to fight to survive when he got stuck on a hidden island he was not familiar with. More so in the story (The Necklace) loisel has to fight to survive as a middle c (MORE)

How many Muslims live in Kosovo?

Almost the entire Kosovo population (roughly 95%) of 1.7 million is ethnically Muslim. Whether or not they are religiously Muslim is something for which statistics are currently lacking. Kosovo, like Albania, is one of the few Muslim-majority states that has a purely secular constitution and a gener (MORE)

Does kosovo produce gold?

The only mine is Kosovo is the Trpeza mine in Malisevo, Prizren which produces approx 142 ton's of Gold

What is the area code for Kolle Kosovo?

The area of Kolle, also known as Kolo, in Kosovo does not have anarea code for itself, but it is in the Kosovska Mitrovica District.Mitrovica's area code is 28. If you are internationally calling, you will need your country'sinternational calling code and Uganda's country code, which is 383. For e (MORE)