Is it a good idea to talk to your ex in order to find closure?

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If your Ex is willing to talk then it may be a good thing as long as it does not lead to further harm. However if your Ex is not interested in talking further then it is a very bad idea to try.

Closure comes from within yourself first and last; if you can find closure within yourself then you do not need to find closure with someone else.
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How do you make closure on or get back with your ex when the state put a restraining order between you both?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIt sounds like perhaps the other person could be a minor. If so, it's to your best interest to wait until this person is of age and then they c

How do you know if there is closure between you and your ex?

If the hate is gone, it's over. If you still hate each other there are feelings. You can't hate someone who doesn't matter to you any more. There is a fine line between love a

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How do you get closure when your ex ignores you completely?

'Ex' means you are no longer involved with that person and each party should go their separate ways. It appears that your ex has and is ignoring you because you no longer have

How do you find closure?

Closure isn't something that you have to work out with the other person. You have to do it yourself. Go out and start seeing other people, get busy with a lot of other things,