Is it a law that parents don't have the right to know if their underage child is pregnant and is it a policy that doctor's offices finding an underage pregnancy do not have to tell the parents?

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Doctors will encourage you to tell your parents so the mystery is out in the open and you can best look after your unborn child. There is a lot to being pregnant and a baby is growing inside of you and it's your responsibility to keep that baby as healthy as possible before it's born. You are a minor so, hopefully you will sit down with your parent(s) and tell them you are pregnant. Yes, they will be upset and there will be some yelling and some disappointed faces looking back at you, but it's not the worst thing that could happen and losing you in a car accident or worse is far more painful. Your parents will calm down and the 3 of you can decide what to do about this.
Here is a cute little story:
A mother came home to find a note from her son on the refrigerator. She opened it up and it said, "Dear Mom ... I have met Queenie and although older than me I'm in love with her and we have run away together. Oh yeah, she's pregnant and she's not sure it's mine. Don't worry about me as she has a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle and she figures we'll travel like gypsies and live off the land wherever we go. I'll try my best to keep in touch with you and don't worry about me. She has two kids around my age and we really get along together well."
Of course the mother was horrified and approximately an hour later her son came in the door and handed her his report card (which were lousy grades) and said, "So, now I bet this doesn't looks so bad after all! Do you mind signing it?" The mother eagerly signed the report car!
I hope you see the humor and wisdom in this. Yes, your parents are going to be angry at you, but it won't last forever. They love you and they just want what's best for you. Take a deep breath and go tell your parents (you can't hide your tummy forever.)
Good luckMarcy  Your doctor can not disclose any reproductive health care matters with your parents or anyone, but how will you hide the buldge. It's best to let them know, many young women have been there before, also anything to do with the baby is YOUR choice before it is born and after. You will make all decisions medical and otherwise for your baby just as your parents did for you.  I know in Wisconsin that the parents have no right what so ever to ask the doctor, i know this for a fact becasue i just went through all of this, but trust me, it is best to tell them.  Whatever health information that can be disclosed when it pertains to a minor depends upon the laws of the state. Many states do have laws that require parents to be notified of a minor who is seeking an abortion and other procedures.  I'm not sure but i think they do have to know if ur with planned parent hood or a similar organization then they wont tell them but ur regular doctor will notify social services and a case worker as well as a cop will come over to talk to both u and ur parents
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If your boyfriend is older than you are and you are underage and you become pregnant what are your rights and what is the most your parents can do in New York?

In the state of NY despite the circumstances, technically the standard age of consent is 18, however there have been cases where at 17 both parties were able to establish consent to engaging in sexual activity. Furthermore, if the parent of a said minor was so inclined criminal charges, (ie. statuto (MORE)

If you are underage and pregnant by a boy over 16 will he go to jail if your parents and you do not want him to?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nDepends on the state, and your age.\n. \n. \n . \n Factors that determine legal action that can be taken relating to such adult a relationship depends largely upon the AOC laws in the state where the parties reside.\n. \nIn some cases age discrepancy, the older p (MORE)

Does an underage pregnant girl have to go to a doctor even if she is scared of her parents finding out?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe sooner you tell your parents the better. It's not like they aren't going to find out anyway.\n. \n. \n . \n . \nYes.\n. \nIt is extremely important for her health and that of her baby for her to have pre-natal care.\n. \nThe young lady might wish to contact (MORE)

Can a parent in New York allow their pregnant underage daughter to move in with her boyfriend and his parents?

Yes. As long as the parents of the pregnant teen give the caregiver adults a written and notarized document for temporary custody (3 months or less)any longer period requires a petition of guardianship be sought through the court. The document should state the date the arrangement begins and end (MORE)

How do you tell your parents that you're pregnant at 15 with a guy you barely know. My best friend said he will help me and we will find a way but I don't know if I can do this?

\n. \n Hang in there \n. \nFirst of all, you can do this and you will. I know it seems like a terribly difficult situation, with no easy answers, but understand that many, many young girls face the identical situation every year and manage to get through it, so hang in there and start work (MORE)

What are the laws on underage marriage at 16 with a child?

You must have parental permission to marry under the age of 16 anywhere in North America. In some states you can get permission from the court to get married if your parents are not available. You can apply to the court even if your parents don't agree, but the court doesn't have to allow you to.

Rights of parents underage who have children?

If you live in the US… It depends on what rights you're talking about. Minor parents have parental rights over their own children (for example, you get to decide rather or not you want to voluntarily give the child up for adoption). However, the minor parent is still subject to the control a (MORE)

What is the law with underage pregnancy in California?

California law gives pregnancy teens assistance with healthcareeven without the consent of the parents. The state providesassistance in locating a place to stay when family kicks them out.Financial Assistance is provided for those less than 18 years ofage.

What rights do a underage father have I m 15 and she is 16 can her parents decide what rights i have towards my child they have been threating my rights if i do not obey their deceions on my baby?

I have no idea who answered the question, but you should be ASHAMED of yourself. There is no child that is a mistake regardless of the age of the parents. And that young boy doesn't have to dance to their drummer. He needs to consult a lawyer and if he cannot afford one, there are free legal service (MORE)

What are the laws regarding underage marriage in FL when parents have Joint custody?

If an individual is under 18 years of age, but older than 16 years of age, a marriage license can be obtained with parental consent. If a parent has sole custody or the other parent is dead, the permission of one parent is sufficient. If a person is under the age of 16, the marriage license ha (MORE)

What is the teen pregnancy laws in Kentucky if you are underage and get pregnant by someone that is over age?

Wikipedia answers this on its page Ages_of_consent_in_North_America . The age of consent in Kentucky is 16 . Section 510.020 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes deems a person unable to consent if he or she is less than 16 years old. It is a defense however if the "victim" is at least 14 and the (MORE)

Laws for marriage underage and pregnant in Maryland?

A person must be 18 to get married in Maryland. If they are under 18, parental consent is required, though there are exceptions: . If the woman to be married is pregnant or has given birth, and a licensed doctor provides a certificate of such, then a person age 16 or 17 (be it the male or female (MORE)

What are the consequences for parents allowing underage piercings?

Well it'sbasically there* (* that being the parents issue to deal with ) problem, however most body piercing studios won't provide some piercings to minors regardless of parental consent or not. It's a matter of ethics and what is acceptable in the community where the studio is located. Most cities (MORE)

Can a parent force an underage child to give up baby for adoption?

If a child is underage, there are ways a parent/guardian can force their child to arrange an adoption. However, it is always better to compromise and negotiate with children, even if they are not responsible enough to make that kind of decision, they are entitled to be educated and warned of the pos (MORE)

Is it illegal for parents to require their underage child to attend church?

That is perfectly legal. Parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit, and to involve them in religious observances. Of course, when the child grows up, that child may or may not agree with the religious beliefs of the parent. Even as a child, the parents cannot really control what (MORE)

Can parents be put in jail for underage kid pregnancy?

Yes, if the parents knew their child had illegal sex and did nothing to stop it. If the child is below age of consent and is having sex with a boyfriend 18+ and the parents let them, they are aiding to statutory rape.

Can a non custodial parent block the custodial parent from their underage child's facebook page and not tell the custodial parent that the child has a facebook page?

This is a complicated area.. The parent with legal custody has the right to monitor their minor child's computer use especially in this time of internet child predators who masquerade as children online. A child may post inappropriate items on facebook. They need monitoring by a responsible adult. (MORE)