Is it a must to format new SD card for camera before using?

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The five cameras that I have had that used SD cards didnot need a formatting of the card before using it in the cameras. One of these cars will not be recognized in a couple of USB card holders that I have tried and it will not be recognized by the built in SD card reader in my stationary computer but I can read the card through the camera's USB connection so I'm not worrying about it.
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Do you have to format an SD card?

If it's new, don't format it unless you have to. Try it out first and make sure you get the correct number of shots for your camera's megapixels.. It's better to delete the p

I formatted my SD card on my computer instead of in my digital camera and now the camera won't recognize it. Is there anything I can do or is this formatting mistake irreversible?

Normally you should be able to reformat the card in your camera. If the camera does not recognize the card at all when the card is plugged in, then something else is wrong..

How can you format your SD card to FAT16?

If you have a card reader on your computer, then when you insert the SD card, you can format it. Note: FAT16 has a volume limit of 2 gigabytes, so if your card is bigger th