Is it abusive not to mind your own business?

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It depends how a person is sticking their nose into another person's business. If a person is depressed, an alcoholic, on drugs, or hanging around with a bad crowd and we care about that person, then no, it's not abusive. If one doesn't like the way a family member or friend is doing something (there is no danger to the friend or you) and you weren't asked for your opinion then yes, in ways it's abusive and certainly annoying. What makes you or anyone else think their way is the right way all the time? It's OK to agree to disagree. We all have our own opinions and that's a good thing. We can learn from each other. Happy New Year Marcy
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How can you tell a friend to mind her own business?

How To Tell A Friend To Mind Her Own Business: . You have to decide if you friend is concerned about why she is poking her nose into your private life. Perhaps she has a po

What does mind your own business mean?

"Mind" is a verb meaning to tend, to take care of. If you mind your own business, you tend to whatever is your responsibility, without trying to interfere in someone else's jo

Why don't people mind their own business?

The huge success of reality TV is a good indication of how many people are interested in what others are doing. A majority of the American people seem to drool over watching c

How do you say mind your own business in spanish?

to say mind your business , it is " mente su negocio " The above is a literal command to "be mindful of your business organization", not the English expression "stop critici

How do you say mind your own business in Korean?

The Korean translation of "mind your own business" is written in the Latin alphabet as "dangsin-ui jasin-ui sa-eobeul ma-eum". The Babylon website features a comprehensive Eng

Why can't people mind their own business?

So many have this need to know what others are doing as a way to control them. They have this addiction to having power over others. Others are just lonely and want something

Why cant America mind its own business?

The United States is the only global power in the world. It's duty is to protect other countries and world affairs. Many people see this as Americans being nosey and trying to

Why should people mind their own business?

Other business is not ment for other people to know or hear about. Some people are jerks and keep everything private and my favorite answer is... if you really need to know ab