Is it acceptable for men to wear pink?

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pink is a manly color and many men wear it though many gay men wear it to. So, you might get mistaken for a gay guy.
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Would the Ancient Greek men wear pink?

Answer . I don't believe colored fabrics or dyes were invented back during early civilizations. So, no. I don't think men would wear pink during when in Ancient Greece.

Is it acceptable for men to wear hats indoors?

Socially no; the man should take his hat off when entering into a social area such as someone's home; church; etc. At work some men who have labor related jobs can wear a hat

What do men wear?

look around you. What ever they few comfortable in, and most of the time, what culture dictates. I for one, about 40% of the men do so, wear panties as more comfortable and wo

When did men wearing pink become associated with homosexuality?

Men wearing pink is not associated with homosexuality, except as a slur or insult. This may have originated during the Holocaust, when gay men were made to wear pink triangle

Do emo girls like men that wear pink clothes?

That's a little mean. All girls have different intrests ..not just emo but I guess it doesn't matter... And not saying this in a mean way... But sorry and I don't like guys th

What colour shirt and tie should you wear with a mens pink suit?

Probably black shirt because black looks good with pink. For the tie, maybe dark or light grey with a little darker design? The colour of the suit seems to say that the even m
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Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer