Is it all right to use the symbol for the handicapped to make fun of people you consider mentally handicapped

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What herbs can be used to treat mental handicap?

It would depend on the cause. Mental handicap is sometimes caused by brain damage sustained in life, or by defective genes. In these cases, it is irreversible and there are no treatments. Mental retardation can also be caused by an overload of heavy metals in the body, which could very probably be f (MORE)

What does the Bible say about handicapped people?

In a passage in the Bible Jesus said that If your hand causes you to sin cut it off, if your eyes cause you to sin pluck it out, it is better to enter the kingdom of God with one hand (leg,eye or ear) than to have both but be thrown to Hell. Answer . Ex.4: 11 Who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or (MORE)

Who are the famous handicapped people?

Answer . Robert M. Hensel Helen Keller Beethoven Rick Hansen Terry Fox Richard Pryor Theodore Roosevelt Stephen Hawkings Christopher Reeves Marlee Matlin Heather Mills Aaron Neville Muhammad Ali Michael J. Fox Lou Ferrigano Zsa Zsa Gabor

Where did the Germans take the mentally handicapped in the Holocaust?

They usually killed them on the spot; ecxecution. If they didn't noticed that they were handicapped; they would killed them first than the others as soon as they found out and took them to the Concentration Camps and killed them, shotting at them or pushed them with others for "the bath" and that ba (MORE)

Where do people assume get off assuming it's all right to not succeed if your handicapped sibling succeeds?

I was verbally abused by my "family" and classmates. My teachers judged me by my disabilities, as well. I persevered-----just not academically for a teacher to see. My sister made fun of my disabilities because she couldn't attack my character. It never occurred to me that because she "could (MORE)

Are Tourette Syndrome sufferers mentally handicapped?

I would say no. I have TS, and I have a PhD in physics. I am regarded by my colleagues as being " very bright". In my observation, people with TS often have above average mental ability with a touch of obsessive compulsive behavior (useful for a job like mine). TS is not a handicap as much as it is (MORE)

If handicap or mental retarded people creep you out are you shallow?

No, it means you haven't had enough exposure to handicapped people. This doesn't mean that you have any excuse to be mean or rude to them, but being nervous is totally natural. Handicapped people often have movements or posturing that are unusual and humans are presdisposed to be nervous around anyt (MORE)

What are the problem for physically handicapped people?

its hard for them to move around and get from place to place so The greatest problem of physically handicapped people is that they are to depend on others to lead normal life, though many modern devices have been invented to make their life easier. The government have arranged seat reservation in (MORE)

How were mentally handicapped treated in the 1920's?

In the 1920's mentally handicapped people were treated with delicet. They would wear caps to identify their handicappacity. They really werent mental.they were very challenging. they were generally segregated from society.

Does technology makes human handicap?

NOT THAT I KNOW OF! It can; anything from being crushed in a large manufacturing machine, a car wreck, or carpal tunnel from a computer mouse or serious thumb joint injury from texting.

Can mentally handicapped people be executed?

Define mentally "HANDICAPPED." If they were found not guilty of a capital crime by reason of insanity they cannot be executed, but they may be institutionalized in a secure mental facility for their sentence.

Why do people hate the handicapped?

i have been hearing impaired all my life. i know how many people can be so uncaring if i know what is going on or not. i always care for them but they don't reciprocate in kind. now i am totally deaf and it is much worst. i am very skilled in home improvements and other things. people are jealous an (MORE)

Are mental handicaps hereditary?

Some mental handicaps are genetic, others are caused by problems in the womb, such as with mothers who drink, physical trauma and other developmental disturbances.

What are handicaps?

In order to allow new and poorer golfers to play with experienced and skilled golfer's their difference is more equalized by subtracting strokes from the poorer golfers score and perhaps adding some to the better golfer's score. The equalizing amount subtracted or added is called the player's hand (MORE)

Who can use a handicap bathroom?

Everyone can. . If the toilet stalls are all occupied or if there is a line then it's OK for you to use the toilet if you know you'll be quick. If you can't be quick then don't use it. If you see a disabled person in line then they should get it first. If the toilet stalls are empty then you should (MORE)

How is a parent of abusive mentally handicapped son to protect herself?

There is no way to do it, practically speaking. Defending yourself physically or immobilizing him could be interpreted as abuse of the handicapped. If you cannot handle him, you need to speak with someone about alternate living arrangements for your own and his safety. 2nd. There really is only tw (MORE)

What sports use handicapping?

Well it was said that it was golf and bowling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Horse Racing, professional sprinting.

How do you use the handicap lift?

DO you mean the elevator reserved for handicapped persons? I'd ask the building supervisor. If you mean equipment/movement of people, something this important, I'd be asking a disability worker or an Occupational Health and Safety authority.

What is an animal help handicap people?

A dog can help the handicapped, thus a guide dog. I believe a certain monkey can too. I think in the Guinness Book of World Records there is a horse that actually takes the place of a guide dog.

What happened to the mentally and physically handicapped people of Germany after 1939?

After 1939 and the commencement of World War II, the physically and mentally handicapped were persecuted in the same way the Jews were - they were exterminated. The T-4 Euthanasia program was designed to remove "defective" genes from the German gene pool, and was another of Hitler's shocking at (MORE)

Who are considered Handicapped Person?

It depends strongly on the government jurisdiction. Indeed, inall or most Canadian jurisdictions the word 'handicapped' is oftenavoided altogether because of the negative connotations that havecome to accompany this word, not to mention the implication thatsome people are incapable of most of what t (MORE)

What is the bowling handicap used for?

Handicap is added to a bowler's score to place bowlers and teams with varying degrees of skill on as equitable a basis as possible for scheduled competition.

How can you use the word handicapped in a sentence?

Handicapped means to be either physically or mentally disabled. It is a noun or an adjective in a sentence, but it depends on how you are using it. Here are a few ways on how to put it in a sentence: She will be handicapped for the rest of her life. Being handicapped was a part of his life (MORE)

How can you use the word handicap in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences. . There is a sizable handicap on that horse because he has won so many races. . He has a physical handicap. . Not learning to read is a big handicap for him.

Are there wolves that help handicap people?

sorry but no you see it is not legal to have a wolf for any used like as a pet or guide dog so it is under state laws that you are not allowed to keep a wolf or they will force people to get rid of it like put it back in it's natural environment so be careful around wolves too they are very mean whe (MORE)

Which US presidents were handicapped?

Franklin Roosevelt had almost no use of his legs due to a polio attack he had as a young man. With braces he could stand at a podium and make a speech. He tried to keep his disability hidden. He had a special car with hand controls instead of foot pedals.

Why is a mentally retarded person handicapped?

"Handicapped" is a term that defines a restriction in a person ability to function physically, mentally, or socially. So a person that is mentally retarded or "MR" falls into this category for lack of being able to fully function mentally.

How can people make their bathtubs more handicap accessible?

There are several ways that bathtubs can be made more accessible.This can vary from walk in baths which can be purchased either online or from any home improvement store to simply adding anti slip flooring, handrails near the toliet and bath and making the area wider for wheelchair access.

Why did God make some people poor or handicapped at birth?

God does everything for a reason. It's all a part of the plan thatGod has set in motion for us, his people. Sometimes it is very hardto understand what exactly God does, and why he does it. Othertimes it is very clear. Helen Keller is a great example. She wasblind and deaf, and yet she was able to u (MORE)