Is it appropriate to give a gift for a 12 year old adoption?

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you could give a small gift for the 12 year old like a itunes card or a teddy Or if it is a boy a racing car or toy soldiers
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A gift for a 12 year old?

----- just gifts ------ cameras, videocamera, jewlry, clothes, skateboards, sports equipment, hunting gear, hats, necklaces, teddybear, sweatshirts, books, board games, video

Can a 12 years old do adoption?

A minor cannot be someone elses guardian, you have to wait until you are an adult. The exact age when you are allowed to adopt differs between states and countries.

What is a good gift to give an 12 year old?

We were all twelve once, think about what you used to like when you were twelve. 12 year old's are no longer kids, but they aren't teens yet either, so think of something that