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Is it called rape if a brother has sex with his own sister?

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It is incest and illegal. Depending on the ages, it could be statutory rape. And if the sister did not consent it would be rape as well as incest.
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What should a sister do if she discovers that her brother reading incest porn about brother raping his own sister?

You have two paths of action. Either you confront him and talk to him rationally about it, or you should ignore it. It is a relatively common phenomenon for boys (and sometime

What happan when brother do sex her sister?

It ruins the family and if they have children they run a very high risk of having mental retardation and physical problems. The two of you will also go to prison for many year

Brother and sister sex?

It is illegal.

Why can't brother and sisters have sex?

It's illegal and one reason is that the children coming from a relationship like that would get complications like retardation.

Is it good for brother and sister to have sex?

Answer: No this is appsolutly not safe! Answer: If brother and sister (or other close relatives) happen to have a child - a common result when having sex - the child has a hi
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Why is it illegal when brother and sister have sex?

Technically it isn't illegal for brothers and sisters to have sex as long as they are above the age of consent. It's illegal for them to get married. This is because it increa

What is it called if a brother has sex with his sister?

When two family members or close relatives engage in sexual  activity it is called Incest. This can include blood relatives or  those related by affinity such as step siblin