Is it free to text American idol without unlimed text?

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It depends on how you text and your providor.
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How do you get free texting?

If you have an I Pod touch you can get text plus free and it as free unlimited texting. You can use it anywhere with WI/FI. Not only is the texting free but so is the app!

What is text free?

If you are talking about the app for iPod touch,it is a app where you can text and call for free,if not that,then I don't know

How to get free ringtones without texting?

Well you typically wouldn't be able to download a ringtone off of a texting plan alone, you would need a data plan (Internet). If you cannot get Internet access from your phon

How do you text for free?

Some mobile phone plans, sims or contracts offer free texts. Ask your local mobile retailer.