Is it harder for girls or boys growing up?

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This really is a matter of personal opinion. It is almost impossible to answer this as there are so many variables.
I think it is harder for girls. On average, unless the boy is going through something bad or ...something. Girls change more, perriosds, they have a risk of being pregnet,
It depends..?
Girls most deffiently do, they have periods-very very painful times throught their lives, and all boys have to do is adjust a little bit to their new selves.

well on average boys can take more pain then the pain girls suffer is actually easier for this would make it seem to a girl that they have it harder..but they don't...its equal

hi and i totally agree with the other person on how they say that its harder on girls growingup bt one thing i wanted 2 say is that actually girls can handle more pain then guys....we have a higher pain threshhold than boys so...

False, during a man's puberty, his shoulders and biceps grow 4-5 times the regular size, he also builds layers of muscles in many other parts of the body like stomach and chest areas which can suppress pain, which is why all the time a girl falls in PE class she cries -.-
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Is life harder for a girl or a boy?

I think that both boys and girls have hard things to deal with. No one can really judge who has it harder. Everyone has difficulties in life. One person's difficulty maybe be

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Answer . There are no studies to support either theory. Each sex has their own problems. Women are weaker physically than men. Men are weaker emotionally. Women have a har

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Growing Up . Growing up is hard. hardest in teen years especially with peer pressure and trying to fit in. Both have problems peculiar to their own gender but the greatest

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Answer . \nIn general, it's not any worse or any easier than the obstacles females have to face. Treatment of genders tends to depend on the society and cultural expectat

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Answer . \nNo. It's depedant on the individual's home enviroment, access to healthcare and education, and overall the cultural perspective on that particular gender. Some

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Girls-definitely!!! They go through not just one or two but MANY hormonal stages!!!!!!!!! Girls also go through friendship problems. Wikki Wikki!! Another perspective: Nope

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I think its the same amount of difficulty .Cuz boys,you know they like to fight,and girls,when they have off days they get cranky.Well im a girl and i can say that im a total

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Generally speaking, yes, girls do grow faster than boys, physically and mentally. However, there are exceptions. Not every girl grows faster than a boy the same age and same o

Growing up as boys and girls?

being a boy or a girl is an important part one's is good to mingling or be friend with to a girl or a boy.but we should think that we are living in a good society
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Why do girls have it harder than boys?

Cause girls are more less lazier than boys maybe, all boys just have to do is go to work and get money for the familys everyday while the girls stay home and clean for the guy
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Who are life harder boys or girls?

girls; periods, pregnancy pains, childbirth. all you men out there really don't know how lucky you are. men don't have to cope with any of that. you just frollock about kissin
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How was life growing up in Sparta as a girl and boy?

I think the life in Sparta for girls and boys were completely different. the boys might have had a lot of freedom than what an girl would have because girls were treated the s