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Is it harder for girls or boys growing up?

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How do you debate that girls have it harder than boys?

Well, girls have periods and bras and we have to worry about how we look. Guys have nothing really except for getting a deeper voice. It is also a bit unfair that guys laugh a (MORE)

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How was life growing up in Sparta as a girl and boy?

I think the life in Sparta for girls and boys were completely different. the boys might have had a lot of freedom than what an girl would have because girls were treated the s (MORE)

Doctor Saves Baby Boy - 30 Years Later Boy Grows Up To Be Fireman Saving Doctors Life

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To Know Or Not To Know: Finding Out Your Baby's Gender

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Failed Expectations In Romantic Relationships Affect Adolescent Girls --Not Boys

Teenagers in love are often disappointed. When the expectation of a relationship's potential doesn't pan out girls take it harder than boys, much harder. Brian Soller, an ass (MORE)

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Can girls beat up boys?

Girls can beat up boys easily because if a boy punches a girl they lose almost all there dignity
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How does a boy break up with a girl?

very carefully. you gotta break it gently. if you don't it could be horrible. try to stay friends answer it is not necessary there should be only one reasons how do they br (MORE)

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Do girls have a tougher life growing up than boys do?

  Answer     No. It's depedant on the individual's home enviroment, access to healthcare and education, and overall the cultural perspective on that particular (MORE)

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Do girls grow up faster than boys?

Generally speaking, yes, girls do grow faster than boys, physically and mentally. However, there are exceptions. Not every girl grows faster than a boy the same age and same o (MORE)