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Is it harder for girls or boys growing up?

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This really is a matter of personal opinion. It is almost impossible to answer this as there are so many variables.
I think it is harder for girls. On average, unless the boy is going through something bad or ...something. Girls change more, perriosds, they have a risk of being pregnet,
It depends..?
Girls most deffiently do, they have periods-very very painful times throught their lives, and all boys have to do is adjust a little bit to their new selves.

well on average boys can take more pain then girls...so the pain girls suffer is actually easier for boys...so this would make it seem to a girl that they have it harder..but they don't...its equal

hi and i totally agree with the other person on how they say that its harder on girls growingup bt one thing i wanted 2 say is that actually girls can handle more pain then guys....we have a higher pain threshhold than boys so...

False, during a man's puberty, his shoulders and biceps grow 4-5 times the regular size, he also builds layers of muscles in many other parts of the body like stomach and chest areas which can suppress pain, which is why all the time a girl falls in PE class she cries -.-
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