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Is it illegal to commit suicide in the us?

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No, suicide has not been a crime in any US State in approximately 20 years. Those states where it was a crime then were exceedingly rare (only 2 of 50). Most had de-criminalized

Note that an attempted suicide is near conclusive proof that you are a danger to yourself and will likely result in involuntary commitment to a State psychiatric facility.
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In any state is it illegal to commit suicide?

Well I don't think you can charge someone for killing themselves. __________________ That's true, but if you attempt suicide and live, as so many maimed unfortunate people d

Is it illegal to commit suicide?

No it is not illegal to commit suicide...because you can not arrest a dead person and put them on trial for a crime.. It is however illegal to fail at committing suicide whi

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Texas?

Bottom line: If you commit suicide anywhere, you cannot get arrested, as a dead body is pointless to get arrested... BUT. others have said: Yes, suicide or attempted suicide

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Washington?

NO, suicide is completely legal in all 50 states because you cant charge a dead person with a crime,you can not put a dead person on trial,you can not fine or imprison a dead

Where is it not illegal to commit suicide?

i dont think that i can be illegal any where due to the fact that you would already be dead. But on that note i dont think this problem cant b solved and idk bout you but i do

Is attempting to commit suicide illegal?

nope,not at all just a stupid decision to make Attempting to commit suicide is illegal in all 50 states,this means if you try taking your own life and you fail in the attemp

Is it illegal to commit suicide in us?

Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. Although a person who has successfully committed suicide might be thought to be beyond t

Is it illegal to commit suicide in the UK?

Suicide (and attempted suicide) were decriminalized in England and Wales in 1961, subject to the condition that one commits or attempts to commit suicide alone, without any as

Which us president committed suicide?

There were rumors that Warren G. Harding may have taken his own life in the wake- or spillage- of the Tea Pot Dome scandal involving at base- an oil refinery. ( some things ne

Is it illegal to commit suicide in Australia?

No, it is not illegal. It used to be, and many believe that it still is. I found out last year that the law is no longer valid. In Australia the laws for suicide and attempt