Is it illegal to cross into Mexico while back-country hiking?

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What are good foods to eat while hiking?

For a one night meal for example here is what I would take. Breakfast before you leave. You want to have heaps of carbs so you have heaps of energy for your trip. This shou

Why does Mexico not have a river system that crosses the country?

Most rivers are short and unnavigable, due to the rough terrain that composes most of the Mexican territory; specially along the west coast where the Sierra Madre Occidental

What do you do if someone gets hurt while hiking?

It is important to preface this answer with the disclaimer that there is no substitute for proper medical training by the Red Cross, for example. You can get First Aid, CPR, o

Is it illegal to cross cigarettes from Mexico?

It is not illegal to bring cigarettes from Mexico to the U.S. If you bring them across the border in Texas you have to pay a Federal tax and a State tax. I purchased 3 cartons

How do you preserve water while hiking?

well i suggest carrying those platypus things that you suck water out of instead of your normal water bottle. Water is really important when your hiking especially when your i

Is hitch hiking illegal?

That depends on the area. In general, American law only prohibits hitchhikers from standing in driving lanes, but allows them to stand on the shoulder or sidewalk of a road

Are hiking socks itchy to wear while hiking?

it is not itchy to wear only when you go hiking They can be. I know I have to find a "better" pair. Where they donot rub as much . +++ You can minimise it by wearing a pair
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What does hold on while you hike mean?

If someone tells you to hold on while you are hiking, it eithermeans to wait or to hold on to an object, such as a rock or branch,depending on the situation.