Is it illegal to see Area 51 on Google Earth?

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Not exactly. If you tried to look at any restricted areas using Google Earth, you would see a blank image with text on it saying something like: "Satellite imagery is not available for this area."
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Is it illegal to download Google Earth?

Answer No,,,,,It is not illegal to download Google Earth. It's one of the projects that is taught in college computer class. Besides being educational, it is alot of fun. A

Can you see people in Google Earth?

No. The images in Google Earth were all taken by satellites, so there is not that level of detail. Actually you can you have to go to latitude 45° 7'22.31"N and longitud

How do you see Mexico on Google Earth?

Simply type 'Mexico' or any other country or city name into the Fly-To input field (in Search panel of left Sidebar) then press Enter to fly to that location or address.

Can you see Area 51 in Google Earth?

You can see area 51 on Google Earth. All you have to do is type in(Groove Lake Nevada), which is the lake next to the secret US airforce base, Area 51.

How do you see a view from google earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographicalinformation program that was originally called EarthViewer 3Dcreated by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

How do you see the galaxy on Google earth?

Google Earth includes a Sky view to explore the constellations, our solar system, and galaxies. For example, in Sky mode if you enter ' NGC 3628 ' in the Search-the-sky panel

Can you see elephants on Google Earth?

Yes, in 2007 there were some Google Earth imagery that clearly showed a group of ten African elephants. This is probably an aerial photograph from a low flying aircraft rather

Can you see Mars on Google Earth?

Yes, under the toolbar in Google Earth there is a Planet icon which allows you change from Earth to Sky, Mars or Moon.

How can I see people on Google Earth?

From the aerial or satellite imagery in Google Earth you can rarely make out people. Sometimes you make out a person's outline, but often it's blurry -- resolution is not high

Why doesn't area 51 show up on Google Earth?

Might depend what country you''re trying to view the imagery from. In most cases you should be able to see the installation better than as "Area 51" in Google Earth by jumping
In Google

What have people found when they have searched for Area 51 on Google Earth?

People are not allowed into Area 51. This mystery behind this place really makes people more interested.The most common things when searching on google are1- Conspiracy Theori

What can one see on Google Earth?

On Google Eath, an individual can zoom from a 3D view of the entire Earth to an aerial view of their country or city, even their street. You can see captured realistic detail

Can you see storms on Google earth?

The weather layer in Google Earth allows you to see weather imageryand data overlaid on the map. Real-time tracking of tornadoes andhurricanes can be done both with image over